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  1. S

    Adult Argentine B&W Tegu FS $200

    Looking to sell my tegu. He is approximately three years old. Not the friendliest but will tolerate some handling. Need to have an enclosure available. No shipping available, i am located in Connecticut. I can meet halfway depending on the circumstances.
  2. G

    Feeding a Tegu

    I am looking into getting myself a tegu in the up and coming months and have seen a wide variety of answers to this question. I am a big fan of planning ahead and writing a budget (even if its a rough one) to make sure i can care for the animal properly each day. To keep this thread short I will...
  3. Zaelis

    Three year old Tegu hasn't eaten in two months

    When should I be getting worried here? She's had a couple small meals, but her appetite just doesn't seem to be there. Turns her nose up to food and has only eaten a small bit of chicken and boiled eggs. Otherwise she seems healthy, active, running around the house when I let her out, had a...