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Three year old Tegu hasn't eaten in two months


New Member
When should I be getting worried here? She's had a couple small meals, but her appetite just doesn't seem to be there. Turns her nose up to food and has only eaten a small bit of chicken and boiled eggs.

Otherwise she seems healthy, active, running around the house when I let her out, had a good shed recently.. I don't know what I'm doing wrong that's caused her to not want to eat.

She woke up VERY early this year too, a couple months earlier than usual. Last year she pulled the same thing on me and took a month before her appetite came back, but its been two months and a week now and she's still barely showing interest in food.. Her tail is still nice and plump and she's not skinny. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences with their adults. I worry about my gal.


New Member
Probably part of brumation. Weigh her once a week and keep track of it. If she looses 25% of her weight then take her to a reptile vet. (That is what I have been told from a herp vet in the past)

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