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not eating

  1. T

    Tegu rescue not eating

    Hi all, hoping to get some advice as a novice Tegu keeper. Over the weekend I found someone who was selling some cheap Viv's in sizes I needed for my Boas, however due to family illness, said person was getting rid of/rehoming all of their reptiles one of them happened to be a fairly emaciated...
  2. abskidoodle

    Tegu won't eat veggies, sleeps all day

    Hi all, my name is Abi, and I'm a relatively new Tegu momma. I have a black an white argentine tegu named Griphook that I got from Petco (yes I know, Petco is the worst) at the beginning of September. The manager there said he wasn't sure exactly how old Griphook was, but his guess was about 6...
  3. Little Red

    Tegu not eating, vet said syringe feed Emeraid

    My 5/6 year old 1.5kg ish female Red Argentine Tegu hasn't ate for around 5 or 6 weeks, apart from half an egg 2 weeks ago, weirdly she's not lost weight, but she's not very active, she's a lazy girl and just sleeps loads, always has, her viv is the right temps and humidity is fine, we're in the...
  4. Theroseofwar

    5 Month old Tegu brumating / eating very little

    My Gu is about 5 months now, and since the start of December he/she has really started sleeping almost 24/7. he will be down for a couple or few days at a time and then will wake up, bask for a day, and re-burrow for however long. He isn't eating much except for usually a quail egg on the days...
  5. firj2023


  6. Mad

    My tegu is constipated

    Help! Doggie, my tegu, normally poops in a specific place in my room where I keep puppy pads, but he hasn’t eatin in two and hasn’t pooped for three. Ive been giving him warm soaks and have been rubbing his back, he hasn’t eatin any substrate and typically gets fed outside of his enclosure, what...
  7. Egd3x

    Young Tegu not eating, been home for a while

    I have my Icarus in an Exoterra large low (36x18x12 in) tank. He was captive bred but wholesale bought, so I’m not aware of who the breeder is. I’m pretty sure he was born early 2020, but not exactly sure. Temp and Humidity measures: 91° F on hot side, 80-84°F on cool side. 125-130° basking...
  8. V


    Hi there, currently it is 4.8.2020, I got my small (probably 3 month old) tegu on March 11th, the day before my birthday. I've only ever seen him eat once, on the 12th. 3 superworms. Since then, and everyday I had left out various chicken bits, salmon, ground turkey, eggs both scrambled and...
  9. S

    HI! Rescued baby not eating + stuck shed question.

    Hello, new to forum, joined because I'm worried and need help! I picked up a small red tegu from local pet store, they got him from a customer who couldn't take care of it, they had it for 4-5 days, and they said it has been eating crickets but i don't trust this pet store (used to work there...
  10. Artemis

    Baby tegu not really eating

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here so if you need more info just let me know! So as the title says, my baby black and white tegu isnt really eating alot. I mainly give him large locusts, which at first (the first two weeks) he would scoff them down like they were going out of style! Then...
  11. Zaelis

    Three year old Tegu hasn't eaten in two months

    When should I be getting worried here? She's had a couple small meals, but her appetite just doesn't seem to be there. Turns her nose up to food and has only eaten a small bit of chicken and boiled eggs. Otherwise she seems healthy, active, running around the house when I let her out, had a...
  12. Asheya

    New baby Tegu (potential hibernation and bonding problems?)

    Hi guys. Worried new Tegu mama. I've worked with adult Tegus for a long time, but this baby business is a whole new experience. Long story short, I've had my little B&W for around a month. He's alright with me touching him, but will scamper under his hides and not come out when I'm around. The...