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5 Month old Tegu brumating / eating very little


New Member
My Gu is about 5 months now, and since the start of December he/she has really started sleeping almost 24/7. he will be down for a couple or few days at a time and then will wake up, bask for a day, and re-burrow for however long. He isn't eating much except for usually a quail egg on the days he wakes up.

He is not aggressive, but he is a big huff&puffer with some initial attitude for sure... which is making me very eager to get as much one-on-one time both indoors & outdoors while he is young. However, along with his sleep schedule, it is also winter, cold and snowy here. I am trying to be patient and not worried! Before Winter came he was exposed to the outdoors and car rides which he seemed to enjoy. He also seems to not mind the harness I just recently introduced to him.

This is my first Tegu as well and so I am just encouraging myself to trust his isolated decisions. My main worry is that he is not receiving vitamins from fruit/veggies- but I quickly learned that I cant seem to force him to eat unless he chooses to.

Please let me know any info, opinions or tips that might help in anyway!


Can't comment on brumation but ReptiLink's Megablend is the only way I can seem to get friuts and veggies into mine. It's either that or homemade meatballs with fruits and veggies.

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