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small appetite

  1. Skippymaxwell4

    How can i tell if my tegu has a parasite?

    So, a lasting thing that’s been going on is my tegu like refuses to eat. He’s eaten maybe twice in the past couple months, and part of that Ik is brumation but he’s up and still not hungry. He ate a roach today, that’s it. He’s been super lethargic most of the time, with the occasional burst of...
  2. Theroseofwar

    5 Month old Tegu brumating / eating very little

    My Gu is about 5 months now, and since the start of December he/she has really started sleeping almost 24/7. he will be down for a couple or few days at a time and then will wake up, bask for a day, and re-burrow for however long. He isn't eating much except for usually a quail egg on the days...