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baby tegu

  1. isislima2

    Behavior change

    I just got a baby that was really nice and mellow for the first couple of weeks and now that it’s getting close to two months the attitude seems to be changing a bit and he’s a way more skittish and started to bite. I noticed he got more confident getting used to his enclosure and also having a...
  2. Theroseofwar

    5 Month old Tegu brumating / eating very little

    My Gu is about 5 months now, and since the start of December he/she has really started sleeping almost 24/7. he will be down for a couple or few days at a time and then will wake up, bask for a day, and re-burrow for however long. He isn't eating much except for usually a quail egg on the days...
  3. M

    I got a baby tegu recently. It won’t eat much, but is still very active. What should I do?

    Maybe recommendations for types of foods?
  4. Grizzlyshock14

    3 week old B&W x Blue baby (Skin/eye questions)

    Hello all, Recently I got Killua two weeks ago and he’s already settled in eating like a pig and has gone through his first shed already!! With all of that aside, after more handling and socializing time, I’ve noticed a few weird spots (One on his back and one on his eye) The back “bump” if...
  5. E

    Face scratching

    So i just got my first tegu and i may just be being paranoid but he keeps scratching the one side of his face by rubbing it agienst the stone in his tank and with his back claws, nothing seems to be wrong that i can see, is this normal?
  6. mushu

    New red tegu owner. Is this proper??

    Hi everyone, I just got a new red tegu about a week ago who is about 6 months old. I am in the process of letting him get used to me and his new environment. He stays in his hide 80-90% of the time, comes out sometimes when I'm not in my room to bask, drink water, etc. Here is my setup: - 40...
  7. Mad

    Doggie the Tegu!

    Good to meet everyone! I’m mad and my tegu baby is named Doggie. He’s a free-roaming Argentinian black and white juvenile tegu :). He is very sweet and happy and loves being handled and loves to explore. Happy to meet everyone
  8. C

    Young female red tegu for sale or trade for male

    Rehoming young female red tegu. Interested in similar trade except male or for sale.
  9. B

    HELP!! Tegu sneezing and substrate

    I just got a baby black and white tegu today and he/she was fine at the breeders home. When I brought him/her home and set him in his enclosure he/she started sneezing but is super active and has no signs of a RI. I have her/him on eco earth substrate with the appropriate basking temps and...
  10. D

    New Tegu Issues

    Hi all! After 10+ years of dreaming of owning one of these incredible reptiles I was finally able to get one! I have read dozens of pages, care sheets and forums but seems like this is the place to get the correct answers. So when I bought my baby home (apparently born in march) he went...
  11. R

    Meet Nico from Spain (Baby salvator merianae)

    Good day everyone! Im glad to show you my tegu NICO:tegu:. I´ve been looking for it more than 5 months (Here, in Spain, is quite dificult to find) Its a baby Salvator Merianae, 1 month old more or less and arrived 23th of june (less than 1 week ago). He is extremely scared, stays buried...
  12. S

    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    Hello, just want some advice on whether or not a chameleon cage is good for a baby tegu. I bought a reptibreeze 36*18*18 chameleons enclosure for him. I haven’t got him yet, and this will be my first tegu so I don’t really have any experience with them yet. I read online that this is a good...
  13. Puff


  14. Dragon392

    Draco’s New Digs!

    Finished the new enclosure, and got Draco moved in this past weekend. He seems to be loving it! In the end, I made a critical error in the design of the faux rock walls that caused them to crack all to hell and back, so they didn’t get used. I think it worked out better without them though...
  15. M

    Suddenly Aggressive Tegu

    Hello, I just got my new baby argentine B&W tegu. I have had him for about a week now. I read up a lot on taming and knew that slow and simple was the right move. He was very friendly when I first opened my package and he climbed right on my arm! I let him sit and walk around my room for a...
  16. Dragon392

    Timid tegu?

    I need some help with my little guy. Male Argentine B&W. I got him in the end of September 2019, as a fresh 2019 baby. In October, he went down for brumation. In the time I got to work with him last year, he was doing okay. He wouldn’t necessarily come to me, but he wasn’t fleeing in terror or...
  17. S

    HI! Rescued baby not eating + stuck shed question.

    Hello, new to forum, joined because I'm worried and need help! I picked up a small red tegu from local pet store, they got him from a customer who couldn't take care of it, they had it for 4-5 days, and they said it has been eating crickets but i don't trust this pet store (used to work there...
  18. T

    Would love some information on hibernation! I can’t find anything anywhere!

    So my 4 month old tegu has been showing all the signs of going down for hibernation over the winter but I worry because the breeder I got him from said that babies within their first year won’t go down for hibernation. I also know that he has been slowing down on food and sleeping a lot. I know...
  19. Necro-Sigh

    Best Vitamin Supplement to use

    Hello, while waiting on baby Wifi to hatch/ arrive which is the best supplment to use? I use this for my leopard geckos and bearded dragon. How often should I dust Wifi's food with these? Just want to make sure I'm doing things right. Repashy Calcium Plus Calcium Plus Vitamin and Calcium...
  20. BKing

    Setting Up my B&W Tegu Hatchling

    So I finally have my baby Tegu (1-2 weeks old) and he is adorable. I am already falling in love and its only been like 10 hrs! But the dealer did not tell me when he shipped and now I'm rushing to prepare his enclosure because he arrived unexpectedly. I got him a 75-gallon tank (I went big...