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Hello all,
Recently I got Killua two weeks ago and he’s already settled in eating like a pig and has gone through his first shed already!!

With all of that aside, after more handling and socializing time, I’ve noticed a few weird spots (One on his back and one on his eye)
The back “bump” if you would call it that seems to not bother him but didn’t come off with his shed. I’ve read that some tegus are just born with weird spots that they grow with. As for the eye, which is my biggest concern- It almost looks scratched? This must’ve happened within the time i got home to now- unless it’s developed and gotten worse. He was shedding on this eye so i couldn’t see until the shed came off. He is bulging his eyes exactly like a bearded dragon would in shed (I own two) except i can’t find anything on if that’s normal.

Basking-110-115 (on a block)
Ambient Hot- 90-87
Ambient cool- 80-76
Substrate- 30% organic top soil, 20%play sand 50% coco fiber (Has a humid hide with sphagnum moss in it)
Humidity between 60-80%. I spray once a day and have a repti humidifier that turns on/off every 2 hours.
UVB- 36” Reptisun 10.0 tube w/ reflective hood
Basking bulb- Philips 100w Heat flood light (with dimmable lamp)

I planned on taking him to the vet on his one month anyways. I talked with my vet and planned a check up regardless the condition he was in- but i would still like to hear from experienced tegu owners (-: Thank you!!!!!!

Below I posted pics of his back, eye, and normal eye.


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I really don't know about the obvious issues he has, but his temps are too hot for him at this age. His bask should be 100, ambient around 80, and his cool side should be 70-ish. It will be a prob for him if he can't cool down.

Your other stuff looks good I think. Some of his scales don't look healthy, but that could be the picture.


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Will be at the vet tomorrow! Actually found out a little more information but my vet is wonderful with exotics. As for his growing when i got him on the 4th he was 44 grams. Today he’s weighing in at 82 grams. So that’s a good sign i assume

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