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new owner

  1. T

    Soon-to-be Keeper, Looking for Advice

    After years of of holding off on adopting due to my economic and personal status, I've finally reached a stable enough position where I can adopt a tegu and provide it with the care and attention it deserves. The other day, a person in my community contacted me about adopting their 1 1/2 year...
  2. abskidoodle

    Tegu won't eat veggies, sleeps all day

    Hi all, my name is Abi, and I'm a relatively new Tegu momma. I have a black an white argentine tegu named Griphook that I got from Petco (yes I know, Petco is the worst) at the beginning of September. The manager there said he wasn't sure exactly how old Griphook was, but his guess was about 6...
  3. ruloradio

    Brumation or dying?

    So I have had my juvenile Tegu for about a week now, seemed alert the first day but did spend most of time burrowed. Then daily progression of seeing him less and less. When he would come out he seemed more and more tired and did not come out at all yesterday. The diet he was on prior...
  4. ruloradio


    All week it has been moody....lol...pouting because i wont let it out of the tank! (It tried to crawl up my arm) I threw a pair of sweaty socks in there ( to get used to my scent, so forced interaction) and it buried them! Refusing to eat because it cant get its way! I thought ...O my God...
  5. ruloradio

    Hello we are new!

    I would like to say hello and introduce Bones to everyone. I was recently gifted a 2.5 foot tegu. I have not owned a reptile in over 20 years, especially one quite like this. So it will be a learning experience as we get to know each other. It was definitely love at first sight (at least on my...
  6. C

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Hello all! I have recently gotten a tegu. It has been maybe a month so far. Up till now everything has been great the little one has been eating like a champ and shedding well too! I am mainly concerned that our bonding is not going as it should. I firmly believe that our relationship should...
  7. BeyonEcho


    This is Coachella, my female black and white Agrentine Tegu rescue!
  8. J

    Sir Chunky Boi the 5th Esquire

    first time tegu owner, I’ve read a lot of the threads on here and talked to breeders and stuff. But is there anything that anyone has advice on that’s not been spoken about yet? I just want to do this right and make sure he is a happy king on his throne he’s 4months old and in a 48”x24”x18”...
  9. M

    I got a baby tegu recently. It won’t eat much, but is still very active. What should I do?

    Maybe recommendations for types of foods?
  10. Grizzlyshock14

    3 week old B&W x Blue baby (Skin/eye questions)

    Hello all, Recently I got Killua two weeks ago and he’s already settled in eating like a pig and has gone through his first shed already!! With all of that aside, after more handling and socializing time, I’ve noticed a few weird spots (One on his back and one on his eye) The back “bump” if...
  11. E

    Face scratching

    So i just got my first tegu and i may just be being paranoid but he keeps scratching the one side of his face by rubbing it agienst the stone in his tank and with his back claws, nothing seems to be wrong that i can see, is this normal?
  12. R

    New Tegu and Enclosure pics!

    So excited to get my first Tegu. been doing a lot of research, bought a book or two. I've been working all day on the enclosure, and I'm picking up the lizard tomorrow. It's about 9 months old I think. Isn't very big. I've attached some pics of the new home. Cut some cool branches and grabbed...
  13. mushu

    New red tegu owner. Is this proper??

    Hi everyone, I just got a new red tegu about a week ago who is about 6 months old. I am in the process of letting him get used to me and his new environment. He stays in his hide 80-90% of the time, comes out sometimes when I'm not in my room to bask, drink water, etc. Here is my setup: - 40...
  14. Scriffignano

    First Tegu Owner

    Hello everyone! I am a first time tegu owner who has been secretively lurking on this site gathering notes on how to care for a tegu before I made my move. Now... I am the proud dad of this adorable little bean. Her name is Sapphire or Sapphee as her nickname. She is a very young blue tegu. Her...
  15. B

    Concerned Tegu Mom

    Hello all! i’m very new to this site/forum, but i’ve found it INCREDIBLY helpful. i recently rescued a 1.5 year old male tegu. (argentine b&w). He’s been here for exactly 2 days, which i know isn’t a lot. i met him multiple times before adopting, & he’s very hand tame and friendly. however...
  16. A

    Baby Red Tegu Not Eating

    Hello I just got my baby tegu 4-5 days ago and he has not eaten a full meal yet. I offered him some meat mix with veggies, ground turkey, chicken hearts and berries which he ate but he only had a little bit. I’m following rose city reptiles and ty park rules on handling. Not waiting and handling...
  17. KlausfromCA

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone this is Klaus greeting from LA, I'm new here and I'm new for tegu. I'm plan to get a tegu on reptile show on January. I just starting doing my research for tegu just in case I know what will happen ahead time. I have my enclosure ready is a 2x4x4 close chamber enclosure, two light...
  18. Kinber Roberts


    I'm very new to the reptile world. A few months ago I went to my first expo and fell in love with a black and white tegu. So for the last 6 weeks my significant other and I have been building an enclosure. There is a show tomorrow here in OKC and Repticon and next weekend!!!! Between both...
  19. O

    Is my setup up to par? asking for a friend (the friend is me)

    hi everyone I’m new here and a Soon to be first time tegu owner. I hope to get my argentine black and white by the end of next week but right now I’m currently in the middle of making sure everything is okay with the enclosure and the lighting.I have a solar glow 125W exo terra bulb I’m...
  20. N

    B&W Argentine Tegu NOT EATING :(

    Hi all, I've had my new Tegu 4 days now. I've tested my Temps and humidity and they're okay. I've offered turkey, chicken, fussys, salmon, crickets, fruit but nothing.... All he does is hide, when I get him out he's pretty chilled with handling but I have to Bury him out and as he never comes...