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  1. N

    So, my tegu is very undersized.

    My tegu is over a year old and is still at about 41cm. I do not know his sex yet, but I presume that he is a male due to the cloacal region. A few things to note: 1 - Until 7 months I fed him mainly neonates, which don't have lots of calcium on them. After that, I started chopping up big mice...
  2. T

    Bitey mc’bite face. HELP tegu rage.

    Hey guys. Had our boy for a month and a half. 5 months old and grown like a weed in that time and now over 2ft long. He comes out the Viv for food, is target trained but also comes out of the Viv when there’s no food (he’s fed daily and a good amount/ to being full). A few weeks back he...
  3. W

    Caiman lizard only ate once since adoption.

    Hey all I’m a first time caiman lizard owner and I’m very concerned on whether or not I’m housing him correctly or the husbandry is off. I have him set up in a 65 gallon aquarium mostly water, internal filter and 50 watt heater on top of the filter, basking logs and branches, 100 watt heat lamp...
  4. M

    Black hole on red tegus armpit, possible scale rot, need help

    When I first grimlock, my red tegu, it just looked like some stuck shed but every time he comes out of his hide it gets worse, I don’t know what it is and I have no clue how to treat it
  5. Lexpharaoh

    Brand New Baby Is Scared, How Can I Help?

    Hi everyone! (I am completely new here so hello!) Let me get right into it! Yesterday I brought home my very first Red Tegu and I am SO EXCITED. To say that this is my dream lizard is putting mildly! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of information on them. They were purchased at a reptile...
  6. Jay&barry

    Names for a blue gal?

    Hello everyone! I just purchased a 2 year old blue female...I'm having name issues at the moment she was a bit of an impulse buy...here she is
  7. K

    Mite question

    So I just found out my bearded dragon has “snake mites” now they obviously don’t come in contact and I’ve taken him to the vet and I’m taking the proper steps to treat him but! Their enclosures are across from each other and my tegus cage is bioactive. So I’m stressing out really hard, I have...
  8. P

    Help with mild dehydration

    My big man (1y 3m old Red tegu 17lbs 5ft long) has been having mild dehydration lately which is causing some stuck shed on his tail. Vet said just to help him get hydrated which I've been trying to do by giving him extra water bowls increased frequency of soaks and his humidity has been perfect...
  9. J

    Sir Chunky Boi the 5th Esquire

    first time tegu owner, I’ve read a lot of the threads on here and talked to breeders and stuff. But is there anything that anyone has advice on that’s not been spoken about yet? I just want to do this right and make sure he is a happy king on his throne he’s 4months old and in a 48”x24”x18”...
  10. S

    Possible Hybernation

    Hello I have my couple month old red tegu Roshi and as it is starting to get colder where I live I noticed today that he spent the morning getting warm and than just spent the rest of the day burrowed and never moved out of that spot. He also didn’t eat any of the Dubai roaches I put out for him...
  11. Jay&barry

    Argentine or cahoan?

    I'm a bit confused or how the caho cs Argentine works..I hot a baby red tegu and the breeder said hes a cahoan red. I was also told reds are Argentine only...anybody have some info to help me clarify? I asked the breeder but havent been answered in over a month. Here's a few pics if that helps...
  12. Grizzlyshock14

    3 week old B&W x Blue baby (Skin/eye questions)

    Hello all, Recently I got Killua two weeks ago and he’s already settled in eating like a pig and has gone through his first shed already!! With all of that aside, after more handling and socializing time, I’ve noticed a few weird spots (One on his back and one on his eye) The back “bump” if...
  13. Mad

    My tegu is constipated

    Help! Doggie, my tegu, normally poops in a specific place in my room where I keep puppy pads, but he hasn’t eatin in two and hasn’t pooped for three. Ive been giving him warm soaks and have been rubbing his back, he hasn’t eatin any substrate and typically gets fed outside of his enclosure, what...
  14. E

    How to acclimate a tegu?

    Hi. I would like to ask for some help again if I may. Currently I own a argentine black n white tegu (unknown sex). I have kept it for 6,5 years and I thino its biological age is around 7 years. It is 98 cm/3 feet or so long. For the last 5 years, I let it roam in my yard that is located...
  15. L

    weighted blanket for tegu

    Hi I have a 2 year old tegu who weighs 13.5 pounds. She always crawls under my queen size mattress and it looks like it crushes her, but every time I move her out from under the mattress and sit on the bed so she can't crawl under it, she claws and scratches the side of the mattress trying to...
  16. T

    Cracks in tail and im worried.

    My Argentine black and white (about a year and a half old) is in shed, and after his bath and after he was dry, I decided to slowly take off the parts of shed that were loose, and I noticed a small crack or, what looked like it. Running down his tail vertically. I've wanted a tegu since I was 8...
  17. E

    HELP: sudden aggresion and what to do?

    Hi, I would like ask for some helps or tips from you guys if I may. Currently I have one bw tegu (unknown sex) that is 98 cm long. I have kept it since 6,4 years ago I think but I got no idea for its biological age (probably 7 years old judging by the size when I bought it was 40 cm long?). In...
  18. E

    Help: sudden aggresion and what to do?

    Hi, I would like ask for some helps or tips from you guys if I may. Currently I have one bw tegu (unknown sex) that is 98 cm long. I have kept it since 6,4 years ago I think but I got no idea for its biological age (probably 7 years old judging by the size when I bought it was 40 cm long?). In...
  19. B

    HELP!! Tegu sneezing and substrate

    I just got a baby black and white tegu today and he/she was fine at the breeders home. When I brought him/her home and set him in his enclosure he/she started sneezing but is super active and has no signs of a RI. I have her/him on eco earth substrate with the appropriate basking temps and...
  20. K

    Never seen this before..freaking out.

    I saw my black and white Argentina tegu poop and she had these two long white flat strings hanging out of her butt. Please help im freaking out because I've never seen this before.