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Help with mild dehydration


New Member
My big man (1y 3m old Red tegu 17lbs 5ft long) has been having mild dehydration lately which is causing some stuck shed on his tail. Vet said just to help him get hydrated which I've been trying to do by giving him extra water bowls increased frequency of soaks and his humidity has been perfect (75-79%). He has a humid hide though spends most of his time in his dry hide. My biggest problem is he hates water. He refuses to drink from a water bowl more often than not even with moving water. He jumps out of soaks the second he sees a chance. And he has been turning down watered down food. I cant increase his humidity any more as i'm already concerned his substrate (sand organic top soil mulch coco coir) is too moist in most areas. Currently the only thing I can do to help is take the food out of its casing (majority reptilinks though im switching to homemade to hopefully get more fruit and liquid in them) and fill them with Pedialyte, and even then most of it spills out soon as he bites in. Any tips?

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