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  1. kuroha

    Could my tegu be developing anxiety

    I've had my tegu for quite a while and she's never displayed this behavior before but she's been acting very scared and timid, flinching when I try to get my hand close, increasing her speed of breathing when I pet her, and she's been hyper aware I have a very loud Tennant in my household he...
  2. R

    Is Reptibark Safe For My B&W Argentine Tegu?

    Hi! This is my first post on this website and I'm glad to have found it because it is full of helpful insights and opinions. I was wondering if Reptibark is a SAFE substrate for my Tegu. I read online Pine and Fir are giant NoNo's because of the oils they let off. But I noticed the first...
  3. D

    Pink skin. Heed help.

    Hi. If anyone knows what is it. My 2 month old tegu has pink dot on his tail... what is it?
  4. K

    Scale rot? HELP :(

    My blue came to me with what looked like a burn on him, and now its spread to all over him, i have a vet appointment but they can't see him until Sept 12th I'm literally freaking out. Is this scale rot? Something else? Humidity is around 75% basking spot is around 120 and cool side in 80s
  5. Egd3x

    Young Tegu not eating, been home for a while

    I have my Icarus in an Exoterra large low (36x18x12 in) tank. He was captive bred but wholesale bought, so I’m not aware of who the breeder is. I’m pretty sure he was born early 2020, but not exactly sure. Temp and Humidity measures: 91° F on hot side, 80-84°F on cool side. 125-130° basking...
  6. R

    Opinions on best feeder insects for tegus?

    So what are everyone's opinions on the best options for feeder insects? I wouldn't mind hearing what everyone's diet is for their tegus young or old and recommendations are fine as well I'd love to hear those as well. So far I have a hearty cricket colony and mealworms and a dwindling supply of...
  7. R

    New juvenile tegu , out of control

    So I just got a brand new juvenile Argentine black and white. They said he was captive bred and "skittish", but when he shows up he's completely out of control ( attempted biting, flailing, running ) and his stomach was sunken in, he looked like he hadn't eaten in a while. Eventually I calmed...
  8. A

    Baby Red Tegu Not Eating

    Hello I just got my baby tegu 4-5 days ago and he has not eaten a full meal yet. I offered him some meat mix with veggies, ground turkey, chicken hearts and berries which he ate but he only had a little bit. I’m following rose city reptiles and ty park rules on handling. Not waiting and handling...
  9. M

    Suddenly Aggressive Tegu

    Hello, I just got my new baby argentine B&W tegu. I have had him for about a week now. I read up a lot on taming and knew that slow and simple was the right move. He was very friendly when I first opened my package and he climbed right on my arm! I let him sit and walk around my room for a...
  10. Nya Wasp

    Bioactive enclosure - sugar ant infestation!

    Hi y'all! I have my red tegu in a 8 x 3 x 3 custom cage with soil, mulch, grass, and a variety of fake plants, hides, rocks, basking platforms, and cork tree bark etc. But my Virginia native sugar ants have decided to join my enclosure! Are they safe for my tegu, she doesn't seem to mind but...
  11. F

    Potty Training?

    I heard on a thread of this guy potty training his tegu how would I do the same?
  12. F

    Cage Size

    Hi I'm new to tegus (I'm interested in Argentine Black and White Tegus) and I found a Carolina Designer cage that was 72x24x24 inches link...
  13. P

    First time Tegu and I need help

    So I just got my baby B/W tegu and it was an impulsive purchase by my mother, see I had absolutely no idea what a Tegu even was until she brought it home and gave it to me. So I’m clueless, I’ve been researching like crazy since I got him and I’m trying to figure out how to properly care for...
  14. Lutchmom

    Swollen eyelids

    Does anyone know what would cause swollen eyelids I'm a tegu? He has seen the vet twice and has been on antibiotic eyedrops, liquid antibiotics, and liquid anti inflammatory. But it has not helped. He is currently trying to brumate, but I can see that his eyelids are still swollen.
  15. Kuro

    Tegus skin is dry?

    I have a juvenile Argentine b&w tegu who has some cuts on his tail and feet, which also feel raspy. I've been giving him daily soakings and 2 mistings to help but so far nothing. Is this normal or does he need more humidity? I got him from a pet store and hes had them ever since I first got him.
  16. C

    Tegu doesnt have forked tongue?

    I recently got a blue/red hybrid from a reptile expo near me and after getting her home and giving her some time to adjust I took her out and realized she does not have a forked tongue. Other than having a person tongue she seems perfectly normal she eats good and shes active. Has anyone seen...
  17. T

    Please help.

    One of my tegu's got eco earth dirt in its eye last night, Its about 2 months old and it wont open either of its eyes cause i house it with another tegu (They have been together for a month, they get a long. Don't worry) and it spilt the eco earth from the dig box (They play in it) and got it in...
  18. Joshua Wu

    HELP! Tegu not eaten in a week. Eyes closed.

    Hi i got a tegu exactly one week ago. His body can fit in the size of my palm, and i was told that he is 2-3 months. But the only think weird is that he doesnt have any green. This isnt a big problem but i want some clarification. I have 2 lights, im not sure what they are called but one is...
  19. TeguTeep

    Tegu unnaturally aggressive?

    hey y’all, we have a ten month old female Argentine B/W Tegu who we’ve had for 3 months. Ever since we got her she’s been super aggressive towards us. Not even defensive, but going out of her way to get us to go away. If we put our hand up to the glass she launches herself at the glass and will...
  20. TeguTeep

    Tegu Brumation/Future Breeding?

    Hello all, we have an Argentine B/W female who is supposedly 9 months old (had her for two) but we think she is wild caught from the Everglades (scars on body and yellow/orange belly). We want to breed her next season and we’re wondering if she would be okay to, considering those facts. I’m not...