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  1. RomanPort

    Baffled by Sliding Doors

    Howdy! Recently, I've been working on a design for a custom Tegu enclosure in CAD software. My plan for the door is to have two sliding acrylic windows. The windows also serve as a door by sliding them open. Very similar design to your household windows, but rotated, if that helps. I'm not...
  2. TeguTeep

    HELP - Tegu escape!

    yes, this is another Tegu escape thread. She escaped once before and stayed put right where she got out on the counter. We decided to put heavy weights on the top of her enclosure as an intermediate bandaid until we could get her a bigger enclosure. However one of us I guess had a brain lapse...
  3. V

    6yr old B&W didn’t make it through hibernation

    wud up all, I went to try to wake up my B&W tegu from hibernation last week and he was dead. He was 6yrs old, always left water for him during hibernation and offered food. He had deep bedding and a hid box. He always went into hibernation after the female but, always woke up before her. We did...
  4. Largelizards

    Why is up address banned on my phone?

    Can someone please tell me why everything I access site from my phone is says my IP address is banned? Can someone please fix, otherwise delete my account and all my data, thank you!
  5. U

    Fixing tegu posture (answers! Belly dragging Save money)

    Hi, my name is Brett and my ultra purple tegu is named Ares(male approximately 8 months old) and I have to admit I let him down, first let me explain that I have read several books and already visited a vet, we have identified the problem and this thread is to help educate others as i couldn't...
  6. C

    New Tegu Owner!!

    Hi Everyone! I’m brand new to TeguTalk and owning a Tegu. I own multiple reptiles and am finally getting ready to take the first step in owning a Tegu. I am picking up a Red Tegu in March at the NARBC in Tinley Park, IL. So up until them I am on a journey to get prepared and build my enclosure...
  7. Belladonna

    Enclosure and lights

    hey yall. Im having a hard time figuring out what type of lights to have in the enclosure. I decided to go with a boamaster enclosure (anyone have any experience with them or have a better option, please let me know ) and I was still confused about the kind of lights the enclosure needs. What...
  8. NewTeguMom

    My tegu seems to be aggressive lately

    Well I believe my tegu was abused or at least mistreated before I got him. When he was handed over to me he struggled and scratched my entire arm all the way up.. then when he was on the transport bag he was fine and calm I rubbed him and he was ok. Then we got him home let him roam our 6,000 sq...
  9. Raegennaomi

    I can't get my Columbian to eat anything except protein

    Hey folks, I'm very new to the Tegu World and I'm a little concerned about my juvenile. I received her as a rescue about a month ago, and from her size I'm guessing she's about 4 months old. She eats and sheds well, and is very docile considering how young she is. The only problem is that she...
  10. G

    Bearded dragon issues

    I know most of you are more specialized in tegus but i've run across a problem with my bearded dragon thats been scaring me to death. My dragon was adopted from someone who couldnt care for it anymore a few weeks ago. When i first got him he pooped fine, it was healthy but as of late it's been...
  11. S

    Which Breed of Tegu Fits These Criteria?

    Hi all! We're new to these tegu forums, but we're old hands at caring for reptiles, and we'd like to add a tegu to our home in the next one to two years. However, we're a little baffled about which breed of tegu would ideally fit in with us. We are searching for: 1). Something large This leads...
  12. E

    New Tegu... Need help with taming :)

    Hi, I’m Evelyn and I’m a first time tegu owner. I recently got my b&w about 2 days ago, he’s eating fine but I’m having trouble starting to tame him. Pretty sure hes around 4 months old and he was pretty grumpy yesterday when I tried to say hi, he reacted aggressively. He huffed and puffed a bit...
  13. KayleeD

    Help? Emergency

    so my Tegu started acting a little weird yesterday so I bathed him and offered him some food which he only ate a small bit then seemed better, but today he’s been a little sluggish again, but basking some so it seemed like an improvement. As of 30 minutes ago he has something protruding from his...
  14. O

    Help? Tegu ate paper

    Yeah so my tegu ate a small piece of paper towel..Will he be alright? What can I do to help him pass it? He got to it before I could grab it. He’s fairly big. I’ll be keeping an eye on him. :/
  15. A

    (sleeps too long)Need Help QUICK!

    Hello guys. My baby tegu has been really sleepy for the past 3 weeks, he can go to sleep like 4 days straight, the problem is, that he is a baby, and he is not eating those 4 days while he is sleeping, so I’m asking this: Is it okay to wake up my tegu in this type of situations?
  16. clbfrzr

    My Enclosure Layout(NEED THOUGHTS)

    Hello, Currently in the process to acquire my first Tegu and I am seeking advice/critism/ideas to better this enclosure that I designed and layed out on paper. If you guys could help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!
  17. Gregor

    Issues outside :(

    My tegu is about 10 months old and it' finally getting warm enough to take him outside. My first attempt I had him on a leash and he did well for about 30 seconds then he flipped out and tried running eventually towards the door, the second time I had him on a harness and inside of a wire dog...