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baby tegu

  1. Artemis

    Baby tegu not really eating

    Hi everyone, this is my first post on here so if you need more info just let me know! So as the title says, my baby black and white tegu isnt really eating alot. I mainly give him large locusts, which at first (the first two weeks) he would scoff them down like they were going out of style! Then...
  2. P

    Looking for baby/juvenile B&W Argentine Tegu (Atlanta, GA/MGMY, AL)

    Looking to adopt, trade for, or buy a baby/juvenile black and white Argentine tegu from someone in the Atlanta/Montgomery area. (I'm mobile in terms of meeting places) I have my own enclosure, lights, and set up, just looking for the tegu, thanks!
  3. Asheya

    New baby Tegu (potential hibernation and bonding problems?)

    Hi guys. Worried new Tegu mama. I've worked with adult Tegus for a long time, but this baby business is a whole new experience. Long story short, I've had my little B&W for around a month. He's alright with me touching him, but will scamper under his hides and not come out when I'm around. The...
  4. Keiko_Blue

    Is my baby tegu going to shed or starting to brumate?

    I have a three week old tegu and I noticed that he sleeps alot. I got him 6 days ago. He wakes up around 9am then goes to sleep around 2-3pm. Is it odd for a baby to sleep this much? Maybe he is going into shed? He eats fine and he is pretty active when awake. Should I be worried?
  5. Keiko_Blue

    My Blue Named Keiko!

    Hello! I am so proud to be a new tegu owner and I cannot wait for the new experiences I will have my new boy, Keiko! He is a Blue x Blue Cross from Hector's Habitat. I believe he is a bit over two weeks old. I am looking for advice from other owners! My baby of course is still very nervous...
  6. clbfrzr

    My Enclosure Layout(NEED THOUGHTS)

    Hello, Currently in the process to acquire my first Tegu and I am seeking advice/critism/ideas to better this enclosure that I designed and layed out on paper. If you guys could help me with this, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!
  7. Michael Descant

    Baby tegu keeps hiding

    I'm a new tegu owner. I got a columbian tegu baby 6 weeks ago, it was about 9 inches counting the tail at the time. I'm unsure of the sex but call him Charles. Basic info: Right now he lives in a 40 gallon breeder tank with coconut fiber base, a baking rock under a ceramic heat emitter, a pool...
  8. Zach Johnson

    Argentine B&W Tegu not growing

    Hi guys, I got an tegu from my local pet store in February, she was only about a foot when I got her. I have been feeding her pinkies, chicken heart, crickets and fruits when she eats them. I am just assuming its a girl because I don't wanna call her an it till I figure it out! Anyways I have...