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  1. Theroseofwar

    5 Month old Tegu brumating / eating very little

    My Gu is about 5 months now, and since the start of December he/she has really started sleeping almost 24/7. he will be down for a couple or few days at a time and then will wake up, bask for a day, and re-burrow for however long. He isn't eating much except for usually a quail egg on the days...
  2. Mandi&Mushu

    Day cycles messed up

    Hello everyone, My red and blue both have their day and night cycle reversed. My blue blue comes out about 7-9 pm and my Red comes out at least after midnight. I thought my Red was brumating but I've noticed substrate moved where she buries herself so I believe she's coming out in the early...
  3. WaterRaven

    Our Schedules aren't Lining up

    Hey everyone, so, I work at night and generally pass out right around the time my tegu wakes up. Tabuccca used to be up twice a day when we first got her, so my husband would see her in the morning and then I would see her in the afternoon, however, since she turned 3, she's only been up in the...
  4. Keiko_Blue

    Is my baby tegu going to shed or starting to brumate?

    I have a three week old tegu and I noticed that he sleeps alot. I got him 6 days ago. He wakes up around 9am then goes to sleep around 2-3pm. Is it odd for a baby to sleep this much? Maybe he is going into shed? He eats fine and he is pretty active when awake. Should I be worried?
  5. A

    (sleeps too long)Need Help QUICK!

    Hello guys. My baby tegu has been really sleepy for the past 3 weeks, he can go to sleep like 4 days straight, the problem is, that he is a baby, and he is not eating those 4 days while he is sleeping, so I’m asking this: Is it okay to wake up my tegu in this type of situations?