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Tegu not eating, vet said syringe feed Emeraid

Little Red

New Member
My 5/6 year old 1.5kg ish female Red Argentine Tegu hasn't ate for around 5 or 6 weeks, apart from half an egg 2 weeks ago, weirdly she's not lost weight, but she's not very active, she's a lazy girl and just sleeps loads, always has, her viv is the right temps and humidity is fine, we're in the UK so she doesn't hibernate but goes into semi brumation but even then she still eats, just less often in Autumn and Winter and has never refused food for so long

I got told it's normal a couple of weeks ago by the reptile shop but after this went on for longer and me thinking it's not normal I took her to a reptile vet, she had an xray 2 days ago, you could sort of see a round patch maybe fluid or gas near her ovarys so they thought it's possibly an ovarian cyst so she had a scan today but they couldn't see anything bad, they also took bloods incase it's something they can't see on xray and scan but they're not back for a few days

Because she's not eating which can cause fatty liver disease I got told to feed her 3.5ml of Emeraid a day for a week, then up it next week to 7.5ml and again the week after to 15ml, the thing is I just gave her the first lot and she wasn't best pleased, shaking her head and trying to get away, so I struggled to give her just over half a syringe let alone the 15ml which is 3 syringe fulls she might need to stay on long term, I don't see how it's fair doing this long term, she got stressed out after one go, I'm worried she'll end up aggressive, it took me a very long time to tame her as she was around 1 and a half years old when I got her and set in her ways, now she will have a cuddle and let me pick her up, she'll soon go back to being hard to handle let alone force feed doing this syringe feeding daily

What do you think about force feeding, it doesn't feel right to do this to her daily if she doesn't start eating normal foods

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