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  1. teguwhisperer1967

    CUSTOM PET PHOTO CLOCKS. Perfect as a gift or for your own reptile room!

    To have one of these fully functioning 11x14” shadowbox clocks made using photos of your own pets, email: [email protected]
  2. teguwhisperer1967

    I got TAME ADULT tegus ready for new homes!

    See the adorable tegus here: https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/leopardgecko1967/
  3. J

    Tegu Husbandry

    Hi, Currently my Tegu’s enclosure is bare other than the substrate and his hide. I would like to put some plastic plants in his enclosure to make him feel more comfortable. I only hesitate because Tegu’s eat vegetables too and I don’t want him thinking I’m putting some leafy food in there and...

    Tegu treat...?

    Hey, Tegu lovers! Does anybody know a tegu's favorite treat?
  5. F

    Tegu Education

    I have a blk & why baby tegu he’s 6mos old and all he do is hide & sleep… He comes out to get water and nibble but he barely eats… He was just in shed & shed it all off a few days ago & went back under… His eating is very picky eater… Now to the bulbs I use 100watts but idk if it’s hot enough…...

    Suggested breeders?

    Hey! Planning on getting my own tegu by the end of the year! Does anyone have any suggested breeders?
  7. isislima2

    Behavior change

    I just got a baby that was really nice and mellow for the first couple of weeks and now that it’s getting close to two months the attitude seems to be changing a bit and he’s a way more skittish and started to bite. I noticed he got more confident getting used to his enclosure and also having a...
  8. Tiamat

    FOR SALE: Young Adult Argentine black and white tegu (around 3 ft) $100

    She's out grown her cage and I've tried and failed to build an enclosure. Diet: tilapia/fish/eggs and frozen feeders $100 + shipping Message me here or TEXT: 202.603.7672 Or email: [email protected]
  9. N

    Hows my tegus diet?

    Hello I'm brand new to this forum and also a brand new black and white tegu owner. I wanted to get opinions on the diet I'm giving my new tegu. Currently I'm chopping up: Kale Collard greens Asparagus Radish Apples, strawberries, bananas, raspberries and a few other fruits 1 at a time not all...
  10. K

    New Red Tegu Owner Seeking Advice

    Hello everyone, Im super happy to be here with the most recent addition to my family, our baby Argentine Red Tegu!! I just wanted to ask some basic questions to more experienced owners to make sure I am doing everything in my power to give my lizard friend the best quality of life I can. The...
  11. R


    HUGE EVENT. TONS OF VENDORS/BREEDERS. 75, 000+ SQ. FT. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale. Presentations. DATES/TIMES Saturday -September 17, 2022 (10am-6pm) Sunday -September 18, 2022 (10am-5pm) LOCATION Georgia International Convention Center 2000...
  12. R


    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO- DENVER - AUGUST 20-21, 2022 Largest reptile event to ever hit the Denver area. 70+ BREEDERS/VENDORS. 45, 000+ SQ. FT. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale. Presentations. DATES/TIMES Saturday -August 20, 2022 (10am-6pm) Sunday -August...
  13. B

    Tegu not growing

    This is my first time commenting on one of these, so let me know if I did anything wrong. I have an Argentine Black and White tegu, I got him/her back in December. When I got her (I think it's a girl), She was about 1 month old, maybe a little bit older. I think that she was about 14-15 inches...
  14. BeyonEcho


    This is Coachella, my female black and white Agrentine Tegu rescue!
  15. C

    Tegu nudge, then bite

    Hey guys, I have about a 7 month old blue female tegu. I've only had her for a week, and i've given her space for the most part (only feeding and cleaning). I don't try to touch her, but on two occasions i've left my hand, balled up into a fist, sitting on her substrate. She's curious and comes...
  16. Lil_Nas_Rex

    Lil’ Nas Rex wants to say hello!

    Hello All, I just wanted to introduce myself. I have an approximately one year old black and white Argentine tegu. Lil Nas Rex currently lives in a 4x8x4ft fully decked out enclosure. I joined the forum to gain more knowledge about taking the best care of my Tegu I possibly can. Any advice or...
  17. Lil_Nas_Rex

    Thoughts and Ideas on hiding tegu?

    Howdy, I have an approximately 1 year old black and white Argentinian tegu. She is currently in a 4x8x4 ft PVC enclosure with around 10-12 inches of substrate. I have a 24 x 30 inch hide with a stone tile basking area on top. It is a bio active set up with live plants, spring tails, and isopods...
  18. Theroseofwar

    Tegu traveling to Mexico

    Hello! I'm eagerly trying to find anyone with any insight I can use regarding me moving to Mexico with my baby Tegu. (driving) I haven't been able to find anyone who has any sort of experience traveling across the US/Mexico border (either direction) with a reptile. There is NOTHING online I...