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  1. B

    Worried Tegu dads:(

    Hello, I’m new to Tegu talk, I’m a little worried about our tegu. Me and my fiancé have a 9-10 month old male b&w tegu, he is a good 14-16 inches with tail. We got him back in December of last year and he has been in burmation since then, everything has been great so far, until today, he had...
  2. C

    Arcadia and Tegus

    Hey folks, in a couple of months I'll be bringing home a baby tegu, and I was wondering what your experiences with Arcadia for heating and uvb have been. I've heard good things about Arcadia's 12% uvb bulbs, I think they're pretty solid but I'm mostly curious about basking heat sources. Has...
  3. Jay&barry

    Names for a blue gal?

    Hello everyone! I just purchased a 2 year old blue female...I'm having name issues at the moment she was a bit of an impulse buy...here she is
  4. G

    Am I trying too hard? Is trying to brumate?

    Long post trying to give as much detail as possible. I’m a big reptile person we have over 60 animals in my home but this is my first Tegu. Pure blue line hatched on 7/4/21 so he’s six months old today. He was hatched and raised in Florida i live in northern Missouri. We’ve only had him four...
  5. L

    8x4x4 enclosure ideas? wood preferred. diy stuff

    Just got my red tegu today. He is a year old and I have realized a resounding how big hes going to get. So I wanted to have a cage that I can put in my enclosure. Anyone has plans for a tegu enclosure? Looking for stuff with like bracing for extra sturdiness. Wanting to know how to seal the...
  6. R

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO - HOUSTON, TX - November 20-21, 2021

    REPTILIAN NATION EXPO - HOUSTON, TX 11-20-2021 to 11-21-2021 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. Tons of Breeders and Vendors. Exotic Snake Presentations.. DATES/TIMES Saturday -November 20, 2021 (10am-6pm) Sunday -November 21, 2021...
  7. R


    Largest reptile event to ever hit Las Vegas. 3 DAY EXPO. 70+ BREEDERS/VENDORS. 1000s of Reptiles, Amphibians, Arachnids and Supplies for Sale.. DATES/TIMES Friday -November 5, 2021 (12pm-6pm) Saturday -November 6, 2021 (10am-6pm) Sunday -November 7, 2021 (10am-5pm) LOCATION Santa Fe...
  8. Jay&barry

    Argentine or cahoan?

    I'm a bit confused or how the caho cs Argentine works..I hot a baby red tegu and the breeder said hes a cahoan red. I was also told reds are Argentine only...anybody have some info to help me clarify? I asked the breeder but havent been answered in over a month. Here's a few pics if that helps...
  9. M

    I got a baby tegu recently. It won’t eat much, but is still very active. What should I do?

    Maybe recommendations for types of foods?
  10. ViciousGrowth

    Deus with the mean mug lol hello from canada!

  11. R

    I think my tegu has scale rot

    Recently I've noticed my tegu having a small scar on his head but these past few days it looks worse I think he has scale rot and I think it may be from my parents dog trying to nip at him through the cage and idk any treatment I'll put an image
  12. lisamb21

    How to get my tegu to stop pooping all over the floor

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to get my tegu to stop pooping all over the floor. She likes being out and if she can’t get out she will try and rip the tent to get out. But every time she is out all she does is poop. And I don’t know how to get her to stop.
  13. B

    New baby tegu, taming help!

    I just recently bought a 2 month old baby black and white tegu, when I brought him hone he let me pick him up maybe once or twice without issues.. the second day came around and he let me pick him up once, but started whipping a little bit and running.. but on the third day he wanted Nothing to...
  14. K

    Tag Your Reptile Day

    Tag Your Reptile Day! Tagging or microchipping your pet is one if the simplest and most effective ways to keep them safe and also protect Florida’s native wildlife. The FWC is partnering with zoos and veterinarians across the state to assist owners of tegus and green iguanas by offering free...
  15. Meme inspiration to get me through these lonely covid times.... soon i will finally have a Tegu

    Meme inspiration to get me through these lonely covid times.... soon i will finally have a Tegu

    (Middle bottom drawing is by me, all other tegu pics are from the internet, some slightly edited for color)
  16. merakjinsei

    Backpacks/bags to travel with Blue Tegus?

    Hi all, I would really like to acclimate my blue tegu to the outside world and take him on walks where he can explore, but still be comfortable. I have looked a lot at different pet bag options, trying to find one that would offer enough room for the tail, have enough ventilation, and be visible...
  17. Little Buddy

    Little Buddy

    Coming off his basking site because I opened the door of his inclosure.
  18. L

    weighted blanket for tegu

    Hi I have a 2 year old tegu who weighs 13.5 pounds. She always crawls under my queen size mattress and it looks like it crushes her, but every time I move her out from under the mattress and sit on the bed so she can't crawl under it, she claws and scratches the side of the mattress trying to...
  19. Tegutasticc

    24/7 Free Roaming Tegu, but still has Accesses to an Enclosure.

    Hello I'm new to TeguTalk. I've been doing research on Tegus because I am looking into getting one this year. There are many different debates on free roaming. I am planning on getting a juvenile b&w Tegu, and will provide a 4'x2'x2' enclosure for him/her(since I know they grow fast). Whenever...
  20. E

    HELP: sudden aggresion and what to do?

    Hi, I would like ask for some helps or tips from you guys if I may. Currently I have one bw tegu (unknown sex) that is 98 cm long. I have kept it since 6,4 years ago I think but I got no idea for its biological age (probably 7 years old judging by the size when I bought it was 40 cm long?). In...