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I have an approximately 1 year old black and white Argentinian tegu. She is currently in a 4x8x4 ft PVC enclosure with around 10-12 inches of substrate. I have a 24 x 30 inch hide with a stone tile basking area on top. It is a bio active set up with live plants, spring tails, and isopods and a MistKing system to keep humidity in the 80s. I also have a pond complete with waterfall. I feel it is a pretty nice set up, but I am having issues with my tegu staying in her hide for most of the day. She comes out for an hour or so in the morning and then maybe once more for less than an hour in the afternoon. I have the lights on from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. She still eats well and seems to be growing very well. It was just my understanding that tegus were supposed to be way more active than this. She occasionally comes to the window to ask to come out, but again, she is not nearly as active as I was anticipating.

The only issue I can think of is maybe my temps are off. Her basking area is steady at around only 90-92 degrees air temp, but the surface temps run from the 110 to 135 (its a large area). the inside of her hide is about 80 degrees. The cool side is around 70 degrees. I have room to increase the temperature with my lights if needed, but then I worry about the basking surface becoming too hot. I have two arcadia 100 w halogens and a deep heat light for the basking area (all on smart dimmers). I also have an arcadia 46" 14% UVB (within their specs for given distance to basking surface) and a couple jungle dawn LEDs for the plants.

Any thought, advice or recommendations would be appreciated.


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Hi .... Viv looks great .... I think generally tegus are lazier than most people think.... The only think I can suggest for you is to play around with humidity and temps.... 80% humidity sounds a little high to have on daily constantly.... 110-135 also sounds high to me , mine is a Colombian and likes it more around 95-105.

plus the hide is under the basking spot so will be absorbing heat, so you could block it off while your tegu is out in the morning.

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