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argentinian black and white

  1. Zach Johnson

    Wanted Argentine B&W Tegu

    Looking for a second tegu I live in Minnesota.
  2. Zach Johnson

    Argentine B&W Tegu not growing

    Hi guys, I got an tegu from my local pet store in February, she was only about a foot when I got her. I have been feeding her pinkies, chicken heart, crickets and fruits when she eats them. I am just assuming its a girl because I don't wanna call her an it till I figure it out! Anyways I have...
  3. Snguyen153

    Tegu no longer available

    Argentinian black and white tegu up for free to an excellent home with previous tegu experience and proper setup. Never officially sexed but presumed to be female. Enclosure NOT included. Originally bought from petco in 2009 by my husband who worked there at the time and was able to see that...
  4. Talon1992

    Argentinian Black and White Tegu (free) So Cal Local pickup

    Hello all, I just moved to a new place and space is fairly limited. I have several large reptiles and Im going to be unable to keep them all as happy as they deserve as a result of limited space and finances. I have a two year old male tegu. He eats voraciously and definitely has a bit of an...
  5. Mason Rivers

    Golden tegu for SALE

    I’ve got a 20” golden tegu for sale. Age: unsure Sex: looks to be a female Temperment: she’ll warm up and let you pet her and pick her up and has a very funny personality, but can be grumpy. Health: Very healthy, feeds well, alert and active Looking to trade for an Argentine tegu Feel free to...
  6. Biffy Pyro

    Hi from Latrice and I in Manchester Eng

    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a while, basically every time i got worried about my tegu, there was a thread on here that helped. I got Latrice Royale (yes she is named after the drag queen) in May and she wouldn't eat, i tried everything, she didn't really gain any weight until the end of...