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  1. Justin Bezanski

    Blue Tegu Growth and Eating

    I just got a blue tegu at a reptile show, his temps are 105* on basking spot, he has Repti sun UVB 10.0 bulbs, and the ambient temperature on the cool side of the enclosure is about 78-85*. The breeder I bought him from said he was 4 months old but the tegu is only 15” head to tail. He doesn’t...
  2. MrExotic

    Supply & demands

    what breed of tegus are the most popular your opinion ? what tegus are selling the most on high demand ? your opinion what type of tegu would you prefer if you can have any one for free?
  3. Murrellfamilyzoo

    Contemplating commitment

    Hey everyone my name is Jarrett on Instagram we are @Murrellfamilyzoo, anyways I’m contemplating a couple of things when it comes to expanding our little family zoo. I’m thinking of either adding a Blue Tegu or breeding Bearded Dragons. The reason I joined your site is because when I do research...
  4. Keiko_Blue

    A possible shed issue?

    Hello! I have a month old blue x blue cross male yegu going through a shed. Its been around five days and only his tail has shed. Everything from the base of his tail and up is still intact. The part where it begins is lifted up a bit, but nothing much has changed. I noticed his skin on his toes...