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  1. D


    Hey everyone! First post here. My male red Argentine tegu Asmodeus or Asmo for short is 1yr 8 months old. He has always been hissy and huffy when I go to grab him, but lately he's been striking at me behind the windows of his PVC enclosure. I can't come near him otherwise he will attack. He has...
  2. Marinebio162

    Red Tegu Health (brand new tegu owner in desperate need of help)

    Hey everyone, I have wanted to adopt a tegu for years. I finally got the chance as of around three months ago when my boy Azazel came into my life. About a month into caring for him he stopped eating and started spending most of his time in his hide. Which I assumed meant that he was just...
  3. Justin Bezanski

    Blue Tegu Growth and Eating

    I just got a blue tegu at a reptile show, his temps are 105* on basking spot, he has Repti sun UVB 10.0 bulbs, and the ambient temperature on the cool side of the enclosure is about 78-85*. The breeder I bought him from said he was 4 months old but the tegu is only 15” head to tail. He doesn’t...