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    Male rescue free to a good home, but if shipping must cover costs.

    Name: Dante Location: New Castle PA 16105 Phone number: 808-953-9180 hey! I rescued a red tegu male a few months ago from a 4x3 enclosure and was only fed ground turkey. I'm looking to rehome as I'll be traveling for work more often, and I would like for him to be worked with more. he may be a...
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    Sorry everyone nevermind about this! I talked with my landlord and they said they would allow me to have the lizard as long as I paid for any damages it might do!? I don't know what kind of damage my tegu would do to a house, but I'm so excited sorry for posting this and everything. I've never...
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    Selling/rehoming my tegu

    I have a young Argentine black and white tegu right now. Don’t know age (I think about a year) or sex because she (pretty sure female) was a rescue in April. Mooney is growing so fast and I don’t have the room to put her in a proper enclosure. I have her in a 4x2x2 grow tent right now and she...