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  1. D

    Is this normal behavior?

    so ive had this tegu (about 2 feet) for almost a month now if im not wrong? hes doin great, grown a lot (even suprised the breeder). though as i know from the breeder, he is really active. im guessing its a stage like everyone says? hes smart in a way he tricks me a bit, he begs to be let out...
  2. Dragon392

    Timid tegu?

    I need some help with my little guy. Male Argentine B&W. I got him in the end of September 2019, as a fresh 2019 baby. In October, he went down for brumation. In the time I got to work with him last year, he was doing okay. He wouldn’t necessarily come to me, but he wasn’t fleeing in terror or...
  3. O

    Is my setup up to par? asking for a friend (the friend is me)

    hi everyone I’m new here and a Soon to be first time tegu owner. I hope to get my argentine black and white by the end of next week but right now I’m currently in the middle of making sure everything is okay with the enclosure and the lighting.I have a solar glow 125W exo terra bulb I’m...
  4. L

    How can I regain a Tegu's trust?

    So i'm a new Tegu owner and got my baby Argentine Black and White about 3 months ago. Everything started off well, first few days he was scared and shy but then started getting used to me and then got comfortable enough to let me handle/pet him and he started coming up to me and any other person...