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tegu age

  1. F

    Tegu Education

    I have a blk & why baby tegu he’s 6mos old and all he do is hide & sleep… He comes out to get water and nibble but he barely eats… He was just in shed & shed it all off a few days ago & went back under… His eating is very picky eater… Now to the bulbs I use 100watts but idk if it’s hot enough…...
  2. isislima2

    Behavior change

    I just got a baby that was really nice and mellow for the first couple of weeks and now that it’s getting close to two months the attitude seems to be changing a bit and he’s a way more skittish and started to bite. I noticed he got more confident getting used to his enclosure and also having a...
  3. Creaturesmom

    This is Creature!

    This is my new black and white Argentine tegu! I got it a week ago for Christmas from my son. He bought it at petco they didn’t tell him how old or if it was male or female and he just brought it here and said merry Christmas mom. I love it to death but I have done a lot of research since...