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  1. Skippymaxwell4

    Looking for ENCLOSURE

    Looking for AT LEAST 7x3x3 or BIGGER enclosure with spots for the lights! I know people here have just the right thing for my tegu, I need it quick and I’d prefer if you went east on me with the price pls let me know ASAP!
  2. P

    Looking for baby/juvenile B&W Argentine Tegu (Atlanta, GA/MGMY, AL)

    Looking to adopt, trade for, or buy a baby/juvenile black and white Argentine tegu from someone in the Atlanta/Montgomery area. (I'm mobile in terms of meeting places) I have my own enclosure, lights, and set up, just looking for the tegu, thanks!
  3. Alec Bennett

    :FOUND:Looking For a Argentine Tegu (Experienced Reptile Owner)

    Hello guys, Update: Thanks to GISHerps, I was pointed to Rose City Reptiles TX. I contacted him on Facebook and boom! I have my beautiful Argentine red coming in on Tuesday. Thanks to those of you who included your input! I am looking for a Argentine Tegu. I can't seem to trust...
  4. Zach Johnson

    Wanted Argentine B&W Tegu

    Looking for a second tegu I live in Minnesota.