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I, too, am serving court papers to Bobby Hill.

Discussion in 'Reptile Vendor Reviews' started by sunflowercake, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Strange_Evil

    Strange_Evil Member 5 Year Member

    Nov 17, 2010
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    Sorry if i come off rude,but IMO its not even that much cash,he must really need it if he's letting a few extra bucks ruin his rep. If you really want to teach him a lesson so bad,just do your best to warn people to not buy from him! Or just take a road trip to see him in person and work it out, if your really so determined on "teaching him a lesson". Speaking from experience, people really change when they don't have a key board and screen to hide behind.
  2. Dana C

    Dana C Member

    Nov 28, 2011
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    Hi doesn't have to accept the letter and doesn't have to sing for it if he refuses it. A person does not have to accept certified or registered mail. My guess is that you will never hear from him. I am sorry about the bad transaction and loss of money but as for the resolution, you are batting at windmills.
    As someone else said, everyone needs to be prepared to post their whole names and an accurate record of dates, times, conversations. I would do everything in my power if I were you to inform as many people as possible about the situation via forums etc. Those that have experienced the same thing need to be signers of the posts as well. Again, as long as you are not willing to do that, no one will take you seriously.
    Being old teaches you a few things.
    One more thing, some one mentioned their bank filing a mail fraud complaint. Your bank can't. They were not defrauded, you were.
    Also, for $150 they will refer you to small claims court. If you are going to sue in small claims, you will need a process server, which will cost you $$ upfront as will filing fees etc. If the process server try's to serve a summons, an intended recipient does not have to answer his door. You can have a sheriff in most states serve the paper but he still doesn't have to answer the door.