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Solar Glo VS PowerSun


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As soon as i put a Zoo-Med Power sun 100 watt over his basking spot in place of the 125 watt Exo Terra SolarGlo , he went from going to sleep at 1-3 pm every day , to staying up all day until the lights go out . He starting doing the very next day after i switched to solar energy . A+ for the ZooMed PowerSun . BUT it better be good ,it was almost twice the price .
It is good..Even I have been using it and really satisfied with the performance..
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To be honest with you i use to use powersun and i had a few blow out on me too a couple years back,but the warranty replaced two of them, but all in all they seemed to be great bulbs.But i always liked the mega ray and back in december i was going to order a mega ray and they were on back order,so then i was at petsmart and saw solar glo and picked one up and it seemed to be ok,but i'm going to stick with mega ray for now on.I just ordered a mega ray 160 watt lastnight should be here next week along with my solar meter that i will have monday.:D
Very old thread, but what was the UV test result of the Solar Glow and the PowerSun 160W bulbs?

I ask because Im actually using both bulbs (the store only had 1 each in stock) with the ZooMed dual light fixture. I was asking about basking temps, and someone replied that using two MVB bulbs was a bad idea and would overexpose my tegu to to much UVB. Is it really possible to over expose them?


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