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good job water isn't on a meter.....hahaha

good job water isn't on a meter.....hahaha

I have a Colombian Golden also. Only have had him for about 6 weeks. He is still a bit pissy, but getting better day bay day. Sometimes he gets in moods where it is just best to leave him alone. Have you had similar issues?

I never have any aggression but I do have days where he'd much rather be off doing his own thing than being held and wriggles to be free..... Hes not really a cuddler at anytime though and I only usually get 30 mins at most of him laying with me.
@AlphaAlpha I’m not sure why I wrote Colombian. He is an Argentine golden. Aggression in terms of posturing. He has not attempted to bite, which is good. I will make a fist and moving slowly, begin to open it up and touch him. Picked up a fire belly Argentine B and W a week ago from Tegus only. He is still adjusting. He fussed and tries to escape, but calms down very nicely.
I'm sure the postering will calm in time just be patient....Alpha climbs on my hand but still scrambles for a second as I totally lift him... I think its just his adjustment/transition from being totally in control to having to place his trust in me that causes this quick panic state.

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