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This is Sparta!

This is Sparta!

Enclosed pen
I have moved Spartacus and habitat to the ground floor. Now with his habitat on the ground and enclosed with a play area if you will, he has chosen his potty corner. He is on a schedule, and that he goes down at the same time within a half hour every night and wakes up with in a 2 hour span everyday. We have interaction and if I need to step away he self Basques under the light and goes back to playing. This is when a little Easter egg hunt is fun for him IE tidbits of dried shrimp and a dried insect or two he can find going through his boxes. Everyday all I have to do is switches boxes around and it's a new exploration for him or her or it. LOL
Just a note when you're taking photos of your Tegu, keep in mind they see in infrared you may notice them twitching or acting a little erratic no it's not because they of the Giant eyeball looking at him it's that they don't understand what they are. As far as getting used to it but I'm still trying to sneak photos as to not disturb his psyche!

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Blue Tegus
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