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Recent content by AlphaAlpha

  1. AlphaAlpha

    Day cycles messed up

    Yes get a timer to set up a 24 hour cycle .......... but also there's the adjustments for the seasonal year too........ Eg. 16 hours day cycle in summer and 8 hours winter or there abouts, I don't have a particular set time to do this, I just let the sun guide me and adjust it an hour at a time...
  2. AlphaAlpha

    Early Brumation?

    Brumation is totally dependant on each Tegu....... I believe that you could be over stressing due to having 2 doing separate things.
  3. AlphaAlpha

    Where are you allowed to have Tegus?

    They're allowed in England if that helps ....... ;) :eek:
  4. AlphaAlpha

    How much minerals/vitamins

    Sounds like a good explanation to me debita....... eventhough its not so scientific Alpha loves his Salmon too
  5. AlphaAlpha

    Difference between male & female puberty.

    I think its totally dependant on the TEGU
  6. AlphaAlpha

    Hibernation or illness?

  7. AlphaAlpha

    Possible poisoning

    BOMBING your home ........ elaborate please??
  8. AlphaAlpha

    Dominance Tips

    Its patience that is needed more than anything ...... but if she's struggling whilst handling don't release until she's calm and don't let her be a **** around food, if she's playing up take it away.
  9. AlphaAlpha


    Hi and welcome ....... I personally haven't done a full substrate change in the full time I've had him ..... I spot clean as I see and just throw in an extra bag of something when I think its a bit low. You'll hear people that go to extremes....... Its all on personal preference and how bad it...
  10. AlphaAlpha

    Quick hello

    Hey Debita.... All is good this side of the pond just being extremely busy with work though .....Alpha is doing champion And I'm just starting to think about giving him a new home with hopefully around a 500l pool in it for him. So sorry to hear about your girl that must have been hard.
  11. AlphaAlpha

    Quick hello

    Hey all just thought I'd drop by to say HI, Hope you're all well in the Gu world??
  12. AlphaAlpha

    Newish Tegu Keeper

    I'm with you on the reputation they get.
  13. AlphaAlpha

    Tiny Red Argentine Tegu?

    thanks for the update.
  14. AlphaAlpha

    What is this? Please help. (injury?)

    I'd say something similar to you.......... Looks like its healing nicely though.
  15. AlphaAlpha

    Eco earth

    yes sure go for it . Thinking of getting some Hermits over here too......... would you advise them to other people??