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Recent content by AlphaAlpha

  1. AlphaAlpha

    Newish Tegu Keeper

    I'm with you on the reputation they get.
  2. AlphaAlpha

    Tiny Red Argentine Tegu?

    thanks for the update.
  3. AlphaAlpha

    What is this? Please help. (injury?)

    I'd say something similar to you.......... Looks like its healing nicely though.
  4. AlphaAlpha

    Eco earth

    yes sure go for it . Thinking of getting some Hermits over here too......... would you advise them to other people??
  5. AlphaAlpha

    Breeding feeder fish

    Alpha doesn't go to eat the fish and now has Cory catfish, guppy's, suckling loach and he had scissor tails....... Update
  6. AlphaAlpha

    Tegu escaped- are they good at squeezing through very small spaces?

    If you don't think it can get ........... fact is it probably has. leave sand or flour or something across thresholds etc....... that way you'll see if there's been any movement leave water food and heat source too.
  7. AlphaAlpha

    New with questions

    Any time you like but take things slow and be patient.
  8. AlphaAlpha

    My Gu Is Very Small

    Good news ....... fingers crossed you've crossed a hurdle.
  9. AlphaAlpha

    Advice on Stubborn Tegu? Suggestions Needed

    My advise is to push on through ...... coming up to a year old is that time of coming into adult hood and pushing boundaries to try getting things his way.
  10. AlphaAlpha

    HELP! My tegu went wild!

    In all my pet experience...... I've never experienced an animal suddenly become bizerk and violently aggressive due to a medical conditions......... Defensive aggression yes but not as described above. I also believe that puberty in any animal can almost show its self over night not always...
  11. AlphaAlpha

    Baby tegu not eating insects

    How long have you had her?? Did she eat them where she came from?? Is she eating other thing? e.g fish/chicken/organs etc
  12. AlphaAlpha

    HELP! My tegu went wild!

    Sounds like puberty like you say and the fact that you disturbed his lovely swim. Patience and persistence not to let him rule the roost. Put an old shirt in his viv if he hasn't already and go back to basics, get him back used to you without actually touching him and build on that
  13. AlphaAlpha

    Tiny ants getting in food. Help!

    I've always fed Alpha in his enclosure...........Never had any problems 1 hour ?????? load of rubbish.
  14. AlphaAlpha

    My Gu Is Very Small

    I'd cut food offerings down to once every 2 days and make him hungry for a full meal, try to build his appetite up by then becoming more regular. Also being petshop bought he could be food shy or just used to eating whilst no one is around at night or in the dark. I can imagine its not a great...