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  1. candyapplecorn

    All American Tegu

    Hello, I bought my All American Tegu from Bobby about a year ago. He said that due to extra chlorine in the water supply, he lost the majority of his argentine B&W eggs. So, instead of $150, I paid $300 (or was it $350?) for an All American Tegu. Well, she's healthy and eats...
  2. candyapplecorn

    Onyx the Picky Dragon

    Ah thank you so much for your responses. We just gave him a bath, massaged him a little, pulled the poop off his claws, etc, and put him back into his tank. There were some leftover crickets running around from this morning and he immediately pounced on several. I think he was just being moody...
  3. candyapplecorn

    Onyx the Picky Dragon

    My girlfriend's bearded dragon Onyx, ~3-4 months old, has always been a voracious eater. He would eat upwards of 60 crickets a day if we actually let him. Lately we've limited the number of crickets he gets to 30 a feeding, twice a day, and we've added in daily vegetables to his diet. Once a...
  4. candyapplecorn

    Prevent a Mite

    Well I'm no professional or veteran but I did order provent a mite for a reason, that is I believe I'm dealing with mites. And the chemical which I'm using is supposed to be safe once the fumes are gone. So I'm not worried about the chemicals staying in the tank. They're supposed to actually...
  5. candyapplecorn

    Prevent a Mite

    They don't fly, I'm using coconut husk, I removed only the water bowl, I did not mix the substrate while spraying but after letting it sit and be ventilated with a fan for an hour I did mix the substrate and I also misted the tank with my spray bottle to increase the humidity.
  6. candyapplecorn

    Prevent a Mite

    $15 + $8 S&H, in my opinion, is nothing at all compared to the money I have spent on my hatchling AA tegu "Lola" from Varnyard herps. Lately I had noticed little grey bugs proliferating in her tank, and she on the other hand has been acting less lively. For the first time in maybe a month...
  7. candyapplecorn

    well, got another lizard...

    Bearded dragons are awesome. I took my girlfriend to a reptile show two or so months ago and she got a bearded dragon. He's thriving. He eats too many crickets!!! We can't wait for him to get older so he'll eat more veggies and less crickets. Anyways he opens his mouth when his basking is...
  8. candyapplecorn

    Varanus Salvator (water monitor) advice...

    Well I've nothing constructive to say but if you aren't fudging your numbers then WOW I am jealous of your set-up!
  9. candyapplecorn

    Growing up already....

    I haven't had my tegu for too long either but like Kellen said she's taming down with age. I like your set-up Steven, it's pretty. Your tegu doesn't have any green left, does it. I'm going to miss the green :)
  10. candyapplecorn

    Hello all!

    Hey, it just so happens my tegu is my dream pet too!
  11. candyapplecorn

    Well crap.

    I hope she doesn't get squished
  12. candyapplecorn

    2011 AA

    I'm waiting for my aa as well. my first tegu. woooooo.
  13. candyapplecorn

    posting pics soon of baby red tegus!! hows everyones tegu!!

    Oh I know what happened, Bobby called me yesterday afternoon. I thought the tegu was supposed to come in the mail this week, but she arrives NEXT week. silly me. thanks for your help though and congrats again :)
  14. candyapplecorn

    posting pics soon of baby red tegus!! hows everyones tegu!!

    I don't want to sound stupid but what tracking number?
  15. candyapplecorn

    posting pics soon of baby red tegus!! hows everyones tegu!!

    arghh i waited all day thinking it was going to come but it hasn't yet. weird I guess she's being shipped on tuesday or wednesday night then