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  1. Largelizards

    Tegu wound

    Ok, thanks for the reassurance! We appreciate it
  2. Largelizards

    Tegu wound

    Thank you for your response; I am using generic Neosporin (w/out pain-killer) and I’m on the same page as you. Issues have been addressed with root cause and I will definitely be on the lookout for those signs you mentioned. You answered my question well. What I should of asked was, how should I...
  3. Largelizards

    Tegu wound

    My tegu got a nick on top of his head. I rinsed and applied triple Antibiotic. Other than continually rinsing and reapplying over the next few days, is there anything else I could be doing. Thanks in advance
  4. Largelizards

    How long to wait after feeding large or xl rat last

    Hey guys, just wondering about how long you wait after feeding a large or xl rat? On a side note, Does anyone know where to get frozen feeders online less money than rodent pro?
  5. Béla and Kimo

    Béla and Kimo

    Red tegu and rhino iguana get along quite well (under strict supervision of course) Béla is very tolerant of this rhinos antics
  6. Largelizards

    Hemipenes and sperm...

    I’ve noticed this exact same scenario with my gu, same age, I’ve been noticing hemipenes come out when he poops, and this is a white spermlike discharge at the end. I was nervous it was a sign of constipation, or something worse, but u r saying it’s normal and will continue?
  7. Largelizards

    I got it from major league exotic pets at an expo. Same people I acquired my rhino...

    I got it from major league exotic pets at an expo. Same people I acquired my rhino from(although, it’s from Starborn line)
  8. After shed

    After shed

  9. First day home

    First day home

    Prehensile tail skink, first day home. He got shed off right away when put in tank.
  10. Largelizards

    I just acquired a captive bred Solomon island skink, aka prehensile tailed or monkey-tailed...

    I just acquired a captive bred Solomon island skink, aka prehensile tailed or monkey-tailed skink. Everybody else is great, my gu is amazing
  11. Béla basking after a misting

    Béla basking after a misting

  12. Béla in the corner

    Béla in the corner

  13. Largelizards

    Do they like rain?

    Also creating a humid hide where it’s extremely humid is good too. Let it dry out over night, mist it good earlier in the day, and change that substrate more often.
  14. Largelizards

    Do they like rain?

    The heating pad tip sounds like a good idea. Mine burrows under the tile below basking spot and I lift it up and mist it to keep it humid. I also have a CHE I put over it at night that is on a dimmer so I can regulate temp very closely (not too cold, definitely not too hot for night temp drop) I...
  15. Largelizards

    Safe height to fall from?

    What is the max height a tegu should be allowed to fall from? Such as onto a rug surface? My tegu likes to climb on my bed but the fall is about 3 feet. My bed is raised up high off the floor to give more roaming space) and I worry it may be too high, any thoughts?