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Recent content by Mikeiam

  1. Mikeiam

    HELP! My tegu went wild!

    Had my tegu tame and he actually got loose in my it vent from a vent the owner of the house left uncovered under the bathroom sink And she came back out for food and I got her but she was just as u explained . So I went back to basics and I got her to understand that without me she can’t roam...
  2. Mikeiam

    Tegu stuck shed

    Ash usually always sheds good her tail and face usually last an rn she’s having some trouble shedding here tail about 4-5 inches of stuck shed . Her humidity and 70-80% at all times her basking spot and everything are good so idk what could be the issue she was congested and finally poope today...
  3. CA6D7E77-C69C-4AF6-9D74-F042DD14486B.jpeg


    Ash has been congested for two days and finally she pooped and I think she might feel way better now sorry for the pic
  4. Mikeiam

    Tegu keeps scratching everything INCLUDING ME

    Maybe she’s just clingy and wants attention
  5. Mikeiam

    Tegus having tummy troubles, could I get an opinion?

    I would try feeding him frozen feeder mice along with the ground turkey . He needs that in his diet , also make sure ur putting calcium powder on his other food . And as always u can give him a warm bath and let him soak it helps them poop. There could be a couple reason he’s not pooping well...
  6. Mikeiam

    Interacting with tegu

    This is the one I got , of course it was 6 months ago she wasn’t a yearling
  7. Mikeiam

    Interacting with tegu

    I got her some time in January this year , they only had I think a hand full in stock she was imported to them as juveniles I got her when she was 6 months old
  8. Mikeiam

    Not sure what just happened..

    What if the tegu could do some damage if u just let em bite mines almost a year an a half
  9. Mikeiam

    Interacting with tegu

    I have a black and white argentine tegu , I ordered her from snakes at sunset which imported them from uraguay I think it was . She was a juvenile I did all of that but now that it’s a bugger area she just hides under the anything she can but when she walks around she don’t care to walk pass me...
  10. Mikeiam

    Comment by 'Mikeiam' in media 'Reuben in pocket'

    What’s in ur transport box ?
  11. Mikeiam

    Interacting with tegu

    So my tegu tolerates me and is totally docile but she has snapped at me thinking I’m food, she’s getting pretty big and I just wonder how I can interact with her more to get her use to hanging with me when she’s out an about she just try’s to find a hiding spot never wants to be around me
  12. Mikeiam


    The pic didn’t upload there it is now tho
  13. Mikeiam


    Loves to take a nice dip after roaming
  14. Mikeiam

    How to hold

    My tegu is a lil under 3 feet and gets real squirmy when I pick her up to put her back in the back or sometimes even out of the cage . She doesn’t bite or hiss just squirms so I’m thinking I’m not making her feel secure enough ..