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    I know it's kinda hard. I will get a better pic tomorrow when Spaz is still chilled
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    Image #2
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    I'm curious if you guys can tell me what gender is my tegu Spaz? Spaz is a year old and was sold to us as a Chocoan giant. Spaz eats almost constantly well if it's what spas likes at least. Spaz has grown spot since I first posted on here.
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    Should I put my tegu outside for the summer since it's perfect weather for her. She's a year old female chocoan giant tegu and I was thinking about putting her outside for the summer and bringing her back in for the winter. I live in Louisiana. What do you guys think?
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    Poop normal or not?

    For the last couple of day spaz who is female I believe has been getting whole prey. She has been getting rat pups and today she pooped. This is the poop she made. Is this normal she very pooped this much
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    What size feed mouse/rat should my tegu be eating. Spaz is around the two and a half foot mark
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    Spaz goes outside for the 3rd time

    He won't let me measure him but I'd say around two to three feet and a year old.
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    Spaz goes outside for the 3rd time

    The 1st time I took him out was when he was tiny and he bolted, but I caught him. This is his 3rd trip outside. I'm very proud of him. Whenever he got nervous he went back into his hide which I made by cutting a square hole in a tote box. He didn't dash in fact he even ate a little while out.
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    Spaz the tegu

    I'm sorry I've haven't done an update in a long while. I've had a lot to do. Spaz is excellent; he/she is around 3 feet long and is in his/her adult enclosure which is 8 ft long by 4 ft high by 4 ft deep. Spaz has also really tamed down, loves to chill on my shoulder while I do homework. I will...
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    What species of tegu do I have?

    i have a 8 month old tegu I bought from a reptile show on June 26, 2016. The breeder said he was a Columbian black and white tegu. I'm not to sure what he meant by that because he isn't growing large like the argentines I see online he's slowly growing, but I know he's still just a wee lad/las...
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    Good baby enclosure

    He's in a 20 gallon right now we are planning on building a 4x2x2 enclosure I'm sorry he's not even a foot long I had to remeasure him myself since the vet why a bit nervous he has a habit of running straight for people and sometimes chasing people I don't think he's doing it aggressively...
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    Thanks I'm thinking about beegerboxs now he's about a foot long now and is a ham.
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    i had my little guy for around 1 month or more he's 11 inches now he love crickets, 1 small piece of banana every other wensday and some Dubias every other day. He very tame and loves to come out and relax he doesn't like my mom much but loves to be pet and he also likes to explore.
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    Would a beegerbox cage work for him it's 6 X 30 X 28 and it come with This stunning lizard cage or tegu cage is made entirely of 1/2″ black pvc so it will hold up to any type of humidity. This lizard cage is a gorgeous modern look that will hold up year after year and still look great...