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    I'm going through the same thing I have a Blue Tegu that is slow down slow down on eating and sleeps for days at a time.
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    Humidity and shed question, possible hibernation,

    A tegus motivation in life is to wake up, go poop, warm up, eat, possibly make little degus, and go to bed! How he interacts with you during all that is entirely up to you temperature is everything! Keep it smart, keep it simple.
  3. Crawfish omelet

    Crawfish omelet

    90% yolk and crawfish
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    wild crawfish

    They digest teeth!
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    Spartacus is enjoying a bird seed jungle! Oh yea, just plant some outdoor bird seed ( even in habitat ) and your little jungle will be popping up in just a few days!
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    Comment by 'Wickedtactical' in media 'DSC_0082.JPG'

    Spar has been eating natural shells for 7 months.
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    Throw it down! Sparticus is getting valuable minerals lapping up this egg. He also will eat a potion of the shell to give him natural Calcium! Remember they can digest teeth. I do smash some shell for him while he is eating. Sparticus is a Las Vegas kept Tegu.
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    How long does it take blue tegus to reach their full length?

    I also have a blue that seven-month-old 36 in Long. I do believe they grow to 2.5 years. Not much longer though just wider.
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    HELP! My tegu went wild!

    First, puff up an hiss standing tall? Second, whipping tail back and fourth? Did his body temp. drop below 89 ? Remember a cold Tegu is a flighty Tegu! Temperature is everything!
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    HELP! My tegu went wild!

    Sounds like somewhere along the line he lost his trust in you! Remember what your dealing with. I'm glad he hasn't grabbed your child by the face. Did he warn you with body language first?
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    I need guidance with my tegu!

    When your taegu is under the hot lamp put a warm washcloth on the area soaked in water then after. Of soak let the tegus tail dry out it should split.
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    Bad pet shape

    Report, howa he doing?