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argentina black and white

  1. Tiamat

    FOR SALE: Young Adult Argentine black and white tegu (around 3 ft) $100

    She's out grown her cage and I've tried and failed to build an enclosure. Diet: tilapia/fish/eggs and frozen feeders $100 + shipping Message me here or TEXT: 202.603.7672 Or email: [email protected]
  2. Mad

    Doggie the Tegu!

    Good to meet everyone! I’m mad and my tegu baby is named Doggie. He’s a free-roaming Argentinian black and white juvenile tegu :). He is very sweet and happy and loves being handled and loves to explore. Happy to meet everyone
  3. S

    Adult Argentine B&W Tegu FS $200

    Looking to sell my tegu. He is approximately three years old. Not the friendliest but will tolerate some handling. Need to have an enclosure available. No shipping available, i am located in Connecticut. I can meet halfway depending on the circumstances.
  4. K

    Never seen this before..freaking out.

    I saw my black and white Argentina tegu poop and she had these two long white flat strings hanging out of her butt. Please help im freaking out because I've never seen this before.
  5. N

    Lighting / cage set up

    Hello I have a year old b&w Tegu and I’ve just about finished the custom enclosure (7.5’ by 3.5’). I’m not sure what to do to decorate and fill the cage. My only plan right now is to fill 7 inches of top soil and have a raised platform for basking. Most hides I’ve seen are too small so will I...
  6. R

    Is Reptibark Safe For My B&W Argentine Tegu?

    Hi! This is my first post on this website and I'm glad to have found it because it is full of helpful insights and opinions. I was wondering if Reptibark is a SAFE substrate for my Tegu. I read online Pine and Fir are giant NoNo's because of the oils they let off. But I noticed the first...
  7. Kaiju Prince

    Down for six months

    Alright so this is Kai’s second time down for the winter, last winter he would come up occasionally to drink and bask but this year I haven’t seen him at all. He went down mid October same as last year but he was starting to wake up by mid March last year and he’s still down. I’ve started to...
  8. jonpc28

    Looking for a Male Black and White Argentine Tegu!

    Hello! I'm looking to have a Argentine Tegu, preferably a male that is around 2 years old. Open to other options as well. I am willing to purchase one. If your Tegu is in need of a new home, I would love to take him off your hands whether you are giving him away for free or selling him, please...
  9. Jaxon

    Chacoan giant vs argentine

    hi. I’m new to this forum and don’t have a tegu but plan on getting one soon. I just wanted to know if there were any temperamental differences between the to. Thanks!
  10. P

    Looking for baby/juvenile B&W Argentine Tegu (Atlanta, GA/MGMY, AL)

    Looking to adopt, trade for, or buy a baby/juvenile black and white Argentine tegu from someone in the Atlanta/Montgomery area. (I'm mobile in terms of meeting places) I have my own enclosure, lights, and set up, just looking for the tegu, thanks!
  11. MrExotic

    Supply & demands

    what breed of tegus are the most popular your opinion ? what tegus are selling the most on high demand ? your opinion what type of tegu would you prefer if you can have any one for free?
  12. J

    Looking To Buy Argentina B & W Tegu - Southwestern VA

    Hey Everyone, I am looking to purchase a Argentina Black & White Tegu. I am hoping to find a breeder somewhere in southwestern VA. I am willing to travel as far as northern North Carolina/Tennesse, eastern West Virginia, or anywhere in VA itself. I would like to purchase a juvenile/baby. Let...