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  1. TeguTeep

    Tegu unnaturally aggressive?

    hey y’all, we have a ten month old female Argentine B/W Tegu who we’ve had for 3 months. Ever since we got her she’s been super aggressive towards us. Not even defensive, but going out of her way to get us to go away. If we put our hand up to the glass she launches herself at the glass and will...
  2. TeguTeep

    Tegu Escaped.. happy ending!

    so my girlfriend was staying with me for two days and her reptiles were left alone for about a day total. We were watching a video on some snake and it was talking about how they were escape artists. I got a bad feeling about our Tegu and thought what if it escaped.. we just got back to her...
  3. TeguTeep

    Tegu Sudden Aggression?

    Hey y’all, this is my first post! So bear with me if something’s in the wrong place or whatever. Anyway, me and my GF just got a 7mo old Argentine B/W. We seem to think she’s wild caught because she has a few scars on her body and one on her nose. We’ve had her for two weeks and she was great...
  4. Jaxon

    Chacoan giant vs argentine

    hi. I’m new to this forum and don’t have a tegu but plan on getting one soon. I just wanted to know if there were any temperamental differences between the to. Thanks!
  5. S

    Which Breed of Tegu Fits These Criteria?

    Hi all! We're new to these tegu forums, but we're old hands at caring for reptiles, and we'd like to add a tegu to our home in the next one to two years. However, we're a little baffled about which breed of tegu would ideally fit in with us. We are searching for: 1). Something large This leads...