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argentine tegu

  1. teguwhisperer1967

    I got TAME ADULT tegus ready for new homes!

    See the adorable tegus here: https://www.morphmarket.com/stores/leopardgecko1967/
  2. E

    Feeding problem

    Hi, i really need some help from you guys. I am still a beginner when it come to herp keeping. I own a bw tegu right now and she is still very young, just 4 years old. I am really stressed out since my tegu won't eat anything beside mice at this age! And maybe a bit off scrambled egg and pork...
  3. Djatawsome

    New Baby Red Tegu

    I recently bought a baby Argentine red tegu at the Tinley Park Narbc reptile expo. I have another tegu but raised her from a yearling, so I don't quite understand the intricacies of hatchlings quite yet. I have my baby setup in a 75 gallon acrylic tank for growing. I've had him for only 4 days I...
  4. Mason Rivers

    Golden tegu for SALE

    I’ve got a 20” golden tegu for sale. Age: unsure Sex: looks to be a female Temperment: she’ll warm up and let you pet her and pick her up and has a very funny personality, but can be grumpy. Health: Very healthy, feeds well, alert and active Looking to trade for an Argentine tegu Feel free to...
  5. ReptiFiles

    I'm researching Argentine and Colombian tegus (Meet Kreacher!)

    Hi everyone! My name is Mariah, and I'm the author/researcher behind ReptiFiles.com. I've been developing a care guide on Argentine (Salvator) and Colombian (Tupinambis) tegus. It's almost complete, but I would really appreciate some feedback on the information if any here are willing to give...