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    How to acclimate a tegu?

    Hi. I would like to ask for some help again if I may. Currently I own a argentine black n white tegu (unknown sex). I have kept it for 6,5 years and I thino its biological age is around 7 years. It is 98 cm/3 feet or so long. For the last 5 years, I let it roam in my yard that is located...
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    Tips on cage building

    Does anybody have tips on building my tegu cage I am going to build a 8x4x3. Any tips?
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    Chameleon cage as a temporary cage for baby tegu?

    Hello, just want some advice on whether or not a chameleon cage is good for a baby tegu. I bought a reptibreeze 36*18*18 chameleons enclosure for him. I haven’t got him yet, and this will be my first tegu so I don’t really have any experience with them yet. I read online that this is a good...
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    Cage Size

    Hi I'm new to tegus (I'm interested in Argentine Black and White Tegus) and I found a Carolina Designer cage that was 72x24x24 inches link...
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    Feeding a Tegu

    I am looking into getting myself a tegu in the up and coming months and have seen a wide variety of answers to this question. I am a big fan of planning ahead and writing a budget (even if its a rough one) to make sure i can care for the animal properly each day. To keep this thread short I will...