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columbian tegu

  1. Jmoney1021


    So I have read that golden tegus do not go into hibernation but they slow down very significantly. My is currently in this stage but continues to eat but I’m not s sure that’s the same for it drinking water its eyes look kind of sunk in and do not seem to have the same life as they did before...
  2. Puff


  3. J

    I Want To Adopt A Tegu... Need Advice!!!

    Hello all, I am 15 years old and currently have 1 reptile: a clown agama. I've had my clown agama for 4 years now and I am looking to expand my reptile "collection". I saw a columbian tegu at a reptile expo this winter and I fell in love with it (I did not buy it on the spot because I wasn't...