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  1. G

    Constipated and getting worse

    Hello, our 1 year old red tegu has been constipated for about 2 weeks now. The last thing she ate was a hopper mouse two Mondays ago. Now we realize that’s what did it. We’ve been giving her warm baths every day and she try’s to go while in there. She shake and squeezes so hard but nothing but a...
  2. S

    New baby - have some questions

    Hey everyone ! This is my first post ! I just got my new red baby three weeks ago. I got him from a reptile show, an his previous owners told me he’s approximately 4 month old upon purchase. He’s been doing amazing as far as bonding and adjusting to being in a new place. He’s fairly active and...
  3. V


    Hi there, currently it is 4.8.2020, I got my small (probably 3 month old) tegu on March 11th, the day before my birthday. I've only ever seen him eat once, on the 12th. 3 superworms. Since then, and everyday I had left out various chicken bits, salmon, ground turkey, eggs both scrambled and...
  4. N

    B&W Argentine Tegu NOT EATING :(

    Hi all, I've had my new Tegu 4 days now. I've tested my Temps and humidity and they're okay. I've offered turkey, chicken, fussys, salmon, crickets, fruit but nothing.... All he does is hide, when I get him out he's pretty chilled with handling but I have to Bury him out and as he never comes...
  5. BKing

    Setting Up my B&W Tegu Hatchling

    So I finally have my baby Tegu (1-2 weeks old) and he is adorable. I am already falling in love and its only been like 10 hrs! But the dealer did not tell me when he shipped and now I'm rushing to prepare his enclosure because he arrived unexpectedly. I got him a 75-gallon tank (I went big...
  6. Asheya

    New baby Tegu (potential hibernation and bonding problems?)

    Hi guys. Worried new Tegu mama. I've worked with adult Tegus for a long time, but this baby business is a whole new experience. Long story short, I've had my little B&W for around a month. He's alright with me touching him, but will scamper under his hides and not come out when I'm around. The...