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  1. Flaany

    Please, help identify the gender

    Hello! I have 2 black and white tegu. When purchased, they were identified as male and female. But today the woman has definitely become a man. I saw his hemepenis. However, they get along well with each other. Therefore, I have suspicions that the second male may be a female. Although this is...
  2. Lexpharaoh

    Brand New Baby Is Scared, How Can I Help?

    Hi everyone! (I am completely new here so hello!) Let me get right into it! Yesterday I brought home my very first Red Tegu and I am SO EXCITED. To say that this is my dream lizard is putting mildly! Unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of information on them. They were purchased at a reptile...
  3. M

    Male or female help?

    Hello all!! I have a baby tegu that is about 2 months old? They weren’t sure where I got him/her so that is my estimation. It may be way to early to tell but I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me sex my tegu? I can try and take better pics next time Dozer is out of these pics...