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  1. S

    Blue Tegu Small for Age?

    Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been...
  2. Mutablekitty

    Slow Grower?

    I've had Rueben since last fall and he was at first growing like a weed! but lately it seems as though his growth has plateaued. He is acting normal and fine. Just had a shed and is eating well.When I got him he was around 4/5 months now he is around either 10/11 months and he isn't very big...
  3. Justin Bezanski

    Blue Tegu Growth and Eating

    I just got a blue tegu at a reptile show, his temps are 105* on basking spot, he has Repti sun UVB 10.0 bulbs, and the ambient temperature on the cool side of the enclosure is about 78-85*. The breeder I bought him from said he was 4 months old but the tegu is only 15” head to tail. He doesn’t...
  4. Zach Johnson

    Argentine B&W Tegu not growing

    Hi guys, I got an tegu from my local pet store in February, she was only about a foot when I got her. I have been feeding her pinkies, chicken heart, crickets and fruits when she eats them. I am just assuming its a girl because I don't wanna call her an it till I figure it out! Anyways I have...