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Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been keeping track of his length and weight for the first year (although I can't find the notebook now), and was frequently concerned at the slow pace he was growing. This year, he grew a crazy amount, but when comparing his weight and length to average blue tegu ranges, I was concerned at how little he weighed. He came out of his hole today surprisingly and so I decided to measure him as it was on my mind. As of today, Dec 12, 2021, he weighed only 3.8lbs (1.75kg) and measured between 2.25-2.75ft (68-84cm) (I couldn't get him to stay still so I just eyeballed his length compared to the enclosure). According to some google searches, I found an adult male blue tegu weighs between 10-15lbs (4.5-6.8kg) and be between 3-4ft (1-1.3m). Should I be concerned about his small size? I feel I have been feeding him an appropriate amount, given that he either refuses more or his belly looks distended and bloated if he does eat more. Please let me know your thoughts. I believe he still has the capacity to grow, but as a first time tegu owner, I can't help but be worried. (I don't have any good photos of him at his current size with any sort of reference and would feel bad disturbing him more than I already have today since it is brumation season.)

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