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new to tegus

  1. abskidoodle

    Tegu won't eat veggies, sleeps all day

    Hi all, my name is Abi, and I'm a relatively new Tegu momma. I have a black an white argentine tegu named Griphook that I got from Petco (yes I know, Petco is the worst) at the beginning of September. The manager there said he wasn't sure exactly how old Griphook was, but his guess was about 6...
  2. ruloradio


    All week it has been moody....lol...pouting because i wont let it out of the tank! (It tried to crawl up my arm) I threw a pair of sweaty socks in there ( to get used to my scent, so forced interaction) and it buried them! Refusing to eat because it cant get its way! I thought ...O my God...
  3. S

    Blue Tegu Small for Age?

    Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been...
  4. RexTheGuardian

    Help with a Golden Tegu Baby

    Hi, this is my first post here, so sorry if this is the wrong spot. I need help regarding my new Golden Tegu. I picked him up from a store a little over 1 week ago, according to the store owner he was the last of 6 babies. I wanted to ask for any help in regards to getting him to at least be...
  5. E

    Face scratching

    So i just got my first tegu and i may just be being paranoid but he keeps scratching the one side of his face by rubbing it agienst the stone in his tank and with his back claws, nothing seems to be wrong that i can see, is this normal?
  6. Tegutasticc

    What is a Credible Place to Buy Tegus Online?

    Is CBreptile a credible place to buy Tegus online, if not who is? They have hatchlings available at the moment, is it always breeding season? (FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) CBreptile's link: https://www.cbreptile.com/product/argentine-tegu-for-sale/ (ALSO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT Coldblooded...
  7. Lapis319

    Hello! Introduction I guess? Any help would be appreciated!

    Greetings reader! So, I appreciate you reading this: To start, let me introduce myself. I currently own a harlequin crested gecko, about a year old. His name is Toothless. My end goal of a reptile would be a tegu. I have fallen in love with tegus in quite a short amount of time, and can't see...