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blue tegu

  1. isislima2

    Behavior change

    I just got a baby that was really nice and mellow for the first couple of weeks and now that it’s getting close to two months the attitude seems to be changing a bit and he’s a way more skittish and started to bite. I noticed he got more confident getting used to his enclosure and also having a...
  2. Scriffignano

    Update on Saphee

    It's been a long time since I posted here so... I'll give an update on how Saphee is doing. As you can see from the images, she has grown up nicely and seems to be in overall great health. Shes will hit the 2 year old mark in October and she went from being 10 inches and 30 grams to a whopping...
  3. D

    Anyone near tucson with male albino blue or 100%het albino male. I have 2 100% het fems

    my albino male passed out of no where during brumation and now I either need to find some to breed my 2 100% het females with or sell them
  4. S

    Blue Tegu Small for Age?

    Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been...
  5. Jennifer Frossard

    Recovering Tegu and Shedding Problems

    I have a Tegu that just fought sepsis for four months and came out healed from it. He was on antibiotics and pain medication for four months. HIs tail had to be amputated to get all the bacteria in his tail. He is still recovering from surgery, he lives in a sterile grow tent with no dirt. He...
  6. merakjinsei

    Backpacks/bags to travel with Blue Tegus?

    Hi all, I would really like to acclimate my blue tegu to the outside world and take him on walks where he can explore, but still be comfortable. I have looked a lot at different pet bag options, trying to find one that would offer enough room for the tail, have enough ventilation, and be visible...
  7. Scriffignano

    Tegu puberty??

    I think Saphee (young female Argentine Blue Tegu) is going into tegu puberty now... When I got her in August 2020 she was 20 grams and 12 inches and now she is over 1.2 lbs and at least 2 feet long. I've noticed signs of heightened food aggression for the past few days and I think she is getting...
  8. J

    Looking for tegus for sale or adoption. Within 6 hours of Illinois

    Hello, currently have 3 tegus that are tame and I greatly enjoy spending time with on a daily basis. Not currently breeding just love tegus. Have years of experience with reptiles. Looking to adopt/purchase more tegus. Can provide them a wonderful home. Located in Woodridge Illinois but willing...
  9. Mandi&Mushu

    The start of Taming

    So I just got my juvenile blue tegu about 4 days ago. He has been super skittish and I've gotten him out a total of 2 times from his enclosure. The second time, he decided to potty in my hands so I put him in the bath (which was pretty positive experience wise). Both times were negative...
  10. Scriffignano

    First Tegu Owner

    Hello everyone! I am a first time tegu owner who has been secretively lurking on this site gathering notes on how to care for a tegu before I made my move. Now... I am the proud dad of this adorable little bean. Her name is Sapphire or Sapphee as her nickname. She is a very young blue tegu. Her...
  11. LizardStudent

    Cheap blue tegus - Trustworthy?

    Hi all, I'm new to the community and have been searching for a young blue tegu recently. I found an independent breeder on Morphmarket selling 2 month old blues for $150 plus shipping, which I though was a bit strange since blue tegus usually sell for closer to $400 - $450. The breeder site is...
  12. M

    Glacier tegu, Americano?

    Hello! I recently got a baby glacier tegu, and I was told that it is technically an Americano tegu. They told me it is a mix of blue and red, but mostly blue. However I can’t seem to find “Americano” Tegu info anywhere!! Has anyone heard that therm before? Is it another type of Argentine...
  13. R

    Pure VS Hybrid Blues

    Hello. I’ve had some prior experience years ago with a blue tegu. I’m considering buying one sometime soonish. I enjoyed the “big but not too big” size, temperament, and of course the subtle blue coloration. I’ve been trying to look up breeders, etc, to get an idea of what I’m getting myself...
  14. Justin Bezanski

    Blue Tegu Growth and Eating

    I just got a blue tegu at a reptile show, his temps are 105* on basking spot, he has Repti sun UVB 10.0 bulbs, and the ambient temperature on the cool side of the enclosure is about 78-85*. The breeder I bought him from said he was 4 months old but the tegu is only 15” head to tail. He doesn’t...
  15. Tor

    New here

    New here, just to say hi!