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  1. Jolene

    Always trying to escape

    Hello!! I am new to Tegu Talks! I have a 3yo B&W tegu named Ottis that I love. He is very chill about being pet, picked up not so much - does his crocodile rolling - but my concern here is this... I built him a 10fx 3f enclosure... He has a huge plastic tote filled with sand and peat moss mix to...
  2. G

    Is peanut butter ok to feed

    Have fed my Colombian tegu mostly meat and rats with some green on the side but is it ok to give them a bit of peanut butter once in a while like with dogs?
  3. S

    Blue Tegu Small for Age?

    Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been...
  4. L

    Hi everyone!

    I just got my very first Black and White Argentinian Tegu about 6 weeks ago. I call it Bubba and it is about 12 weeks old now. What are some good suggestions for bonding with it? Also he seems to want to only eat crickets and on occasions chicken. Does that seem normal? Last but not least, well...
  5. jrdr374

    Tegu Enrichment Ideas

    While I was feeding Kitara out on the patio tonight, I found a piece of PVC pipe. It very quickly became a lizard toy! What do you guys do to entertain your lizards? Anyone have any fun toys or puzzle balls? Feel free to try this out.
  6. R

    Wild caught fish? and other Dietary Discussion

    Hello everyone. I've had my tegu for a little over a month now. he's a sub-adult, about 20 inches long including tail. He's very fun! I'm been primarily feeding him Egg (hardboiled with shell), Bananas, Discoid roaches, nightcrawlers, hornworms, and superworms. I've been looking to expand his...
  7. Mutablekitty

    Feeding mice type question

    So I'm still not the most familiar with feeding mice/rats etc. I've come to understand the different sizes and benefits, but what I still don't understand is the difference between white mice and dark mice. What is so different about the two? What are the pros/cons of one or the other? What type...
  8. Scriffignano

    premade meals

    How do you guys handle meal planning for your tegus? I was thinking of getting a variety of ingredients and preparing meals for my tegu and then freezing them until I am ready to use them. She is still really small (100 grams and 16 inches) so meat products are a bit large for her and she never...
  9. T

    How old before whole prey

    Hi all. I recently got Young man by the name of Yoshi from Underground reptiles. He's one of their Ghost tegus and I absolutely adore him. He seems to be really enjoying his new home and settles in and eats a little more everyday. My question is in regards to whole prey and generally what the...
  10. E

    Should I fast my tegu?

    Hi, I want to ask for help for my tegu. Currently I own a tegu which is six years old or so (dunno for the biological age). I also dont have any idea about the sex but my friend said that it is probably female since it doesn't develop a jowl and still roughly 95-97 cm after all these years. But...
  11. Largelizards

    How long to wait after feeding large or xl rat last

    Hey guys, just wondering about how long you wait after feeding a large or xl rat? On a side note, Does anyone know where to get frozen feeders online less money than rodent pro?
  12. G

    Feeding a Tegu

    I am looking into getting myself a tegu in the up and coming months and have seen a wide variety of answers to this question. I am a big fan of planning ahead and writing a budget (even if its a rough one) to make sure i can care for the animal properly each day. To keep this thread short I will...
  13. BKing

    Setting Up my B&W Tegu Hatchling

    So I finally have my baby Tegu (1-2 weeks old) and he is adorable. I am already falling in love and its only been like 10 hrs! But the dealer did not tell me when he shipped and now I'm rushing to prepare his enclosure because he arrived unexpectedly. I got him a 75-gallon tank (I went big...
  14. LiZa Bailes


    When I get my tegu, can I feed him/her ground pork and/or ground venison? None of it will contain any chemicals or processing agents. Just curious!
  15. R

    What diet to feed baby B&W Tegus?

    Hello! I'm currently planning on getting an argentine tegu around late June early July. I was doing research and I could not find what I'm suppose to feed a baby tegu, should I feed them crickets only? Or can I feed him crickets and some ground turkey/ other meats like I hope? Thanks for helping!
  16. Maxwell Green

    Found hutterites colony for turkey

    Hey first post I've made here. I have been using this site for a while now for my tegu care inquiries. So awesome. I recently was looking into purchasing my proteins from local hutterites colonies thinking their meat to me are always better tasting. And they would be much fresher being locally...
  17. E

    Still not eating

    Hi. I just want to ask again for help. My tegu hasn't eat anything for a week. The last food she has eaten since a week ago are two mices. For the last 3 months she wont eat anything beside mice that i give her every once a week. I tried to starve her so she will accept another food. Two days...
  18. E

    Feeding problem

    Hi, i really need some help from you guys. I am still a beginner when it come to herp keeping. I own a bw tegu right now and she is still very young, just 4 years old. I am really stressed out since my tegu won't eat anything beside mice at this age! And maybe a bit off scrambled egg and pork...
  19. Michael Descant

    Baby tegu keeps hiding

    I'm a new tegu owner. I got a columbian tegu baby 6 weeks ago, it was about 9 inches counting the tail at the time. I'm unsure of the sex but call him Charles. Basic info: Right now he lives in a 40 gallon breeder tank with coconut fiber base, a baking rock under a ceramic heat emitter, a pool...