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Found hutterites colony for turkey

Maxwell Green

New Member
Hey first post I've made here. I have been using this site for a while now for my tegu care inquiries. So awesome. I recently was looking into purchasing my proteins from local hutterites colonies thinking their meat to me are always better tasting. And they would be much fresher being locally sourced. When I was talking to them about ground turkey they said something that got me thinking.

"You want the whole turkey ground up? Bone, guts and all?"

I thought at first "no" but then thought could that be good? So I figured I would come here for a answer on this one. For now I did just turkey and my little guy has no complaints about the new meat.



Active Member
Almost all the meat I give my tegu has ground bones and organs in them. She seems to favor this a lot more compared to regular ground meat.
I do also feed her two types of whole ground meat which contains everything, this being whole ground quail and whole ground cavies (guinea pig).

Never tried whole ground turkey yet but I'm sure your tegu would love it.

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