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  1. W

    Caiman lizard only ate once since adoption.

    Hey all I’m a first time caiman lizard owner and I’m very concerned on whether or not I’m housing him correctly or the husbandry is off. I have him set up in a 65 gallon aquarium mostly water, internal filter and 50 watt heater on top of the filter, basking logs and branches, 100 watt heat lamp...
  2. Keiko_Blue

    Biting at feet?

    My 3 year old tegu has formed a liking for biting our feet. Test biting, I believe. He isn’t aggressive when he does it… just wants to bite? I had made a post few years ago since I was having a similar problem, and the suggestions worked, though he has started again. Before, it was because I was...
  3. S

    Blue Tegu Small for Age?

    Hi! We got our blue tegu, Kuku, back in Sept 2019. He was about 6-8in long and weighed less than 100 grams. He ended up brumating his first winter, and while we were worried at first, we were told that it's not unusual for hatchling tegus to brumate their first winter sometimes. I had been...
  4. Marinebio162

    Red Tegu Health (brand new tegu owner in desperate need of help)

    Hey everyone, I have wanted to adopt a tegu for years. I finally got the chance as of around three months ago when my boy Azazel came into my life. About a month into caring for him he stopped eating and started spending most of his time in his hide. Which I assumed meant that he was just...
  5. Kuro

    Tegus skin is dry?

    I have a juvenile Argentine b&w tegu who has some cuts on his tail and feet, which also feel raspy. I've been giving him daily soakings and 2 mistings to help but so far nothing. Is this normal or does he need more humidity? I got him from a pet store and hes had them ever since I first got him.
  6. Joshua Wu

    HELP! Tegu not eaten in a week. Eyes closed.

    Hi i got a tegu exactly one week ago. His body can fit in the size of my palm, and i was told that he is 2-3 months. But the only think weird is that he doesnt have any green. This isnt a big problem but i want some clarification. I have 2 lights, im not sure what they are called but one is...
  7. Joshua Wu

    I need advice! i am new to being a tegu owner

    So im getting a tegu tmr. The shop has a red tegu, black and white tegu, and also one with a green head for some reason the green head is around 200usd more expensive. The shop does not know its age but only says that they are below 1 year old. I also have made a feeding plan for him - Monday...
  8. U

    Fixing tegu posture (answers! Belly dragging Save money)

    Hi, my name is Brett and my ultra purple tegu is named Ares(male approximately 8 months old) and I have to admit I let him down, first let me explain that I have read several books and already visited a vet, we have identified the problem and this thread is to help educate others as i couldn't...
  9. Murrellfamilyzoo

    Outdoor housing

    anyone in Southern California have experience or advice on housing tegus outside during the “winter” months here? Thanks, Jarrett
  10. Murrellfamilyzoo

    Contemplating commitment

    Hey everyone my name is Jarrett on Instagram we are @Murrellfamilyzoo, anyways I’m contemplating a couple of things when it comes to expanding our little family zoo. I’m thinking of either adding a Blue Tegu or breeding Bearded Dragons. The reason I joined your site is because when I do research...