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need help

  1. S


    Sorry everyone nevermind about this! I talked with my landlord and they said they would allow me to have the lizard as long as I paid for any damages it might do!? I don't know what kind of damage my tegu would do to a house, but I'm so excited sorry for posting this and everything. I've never...
  2. Mad

    My tegu is constipated

    Help! Doggie, my tegu, normally poops in a specific place in my room where I keep puppy pads, but he hasn’t eatin in two and hasn’t pooped for three. Ive been giving him warm soaks and have been rubbing his back, he hasn’t eatin any substrate and typically gets fed outside of his enclosure, what...
  3. R

    Is Reptibark Safe For My B&W Argentine Tegu?

    Hi! This is my first post on this website and I'm glad to have found it because it is full of helpful insights and opinions. I was wondering if Reptibark is a SAFE substrate for my Tegu. I read online Pine and Fir are giant NoNo's because of the oils they let off. But I noticed the first...
  4. Jessmakayla23

    Blue tegu enclosure

    So I want to get a blue tegu preferably a female since they are smaller than the males but what’s the smallest size enclosure I could keep them in that they can permanently live in? I would add a climbing ramp to a second level where I would have a basting light. I would rather have it bigger in...